Why You Need to Eat More Lemons

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  Here are 3 reasons why, when life gives you lemons, you shoud eat them. Magic Balance Lemons are alkalizing for the body: Lemons are acidic to begin with but they are alkaline-forming on body fluids helping to restore balance to the body’s pH. Search & Destroy Lemons have powerful antibacterial properties; experiments have found the juice of lemons destroy…

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Pro Wrestling | 5 Questions with a Pro-Wrestler and why You should Give it a Go

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I was recently invited to watch and write about TWT’s pro-wrestling show, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Why me you might ask. Got me. But it was fun and new (to me) and interesting nontheless. I’m not one to say no to new experiences so I found mychelf watching the show, knowing nothing, wanting to know everything. I was provided with a…

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Why You Need to Eat More Mushrooms | By someone who doesn’t really like Mushrooms

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Did You know? Mushrooms are neither  fruit nor  vegetables. Technically mushrooms aren’t even plants. They are a special type of fungus. Now shake that thought off and focus on the good: Sunshine in a Βite | Vitamin D Just like you and me, mushrooms have the wonderous ability to create Vitamin D when exposed to the sun. They transform the ultraviolet light from…

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