Why You Need to Eat More Mushrooms | By someone who doesn’t really like Mushrooms

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Did You know? Mushrooms are neither  fruit nor  vegetables. Technically mushrooms aren’t even plants. They are a special type of fungus. Now shake that thought off and focus on the good: Sunshine in a Βite | Vitamin D Just like you and me, mushrooms have the wonderous ability to create Vitamin D when exposed to the sun. They transform the ultraviolet light from…

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Altering The Future* Cohesive Staples from Winter to Spring

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A soft jumper-dress that would look amazing with an oversized coat during the colder months gets a spring make-over with bare legs, minimal accessories and a vegan perfecto.   A pair of simple pumps instead of boots. Classic, understated and can easily take you from day to night. The key is not to overthink your outfits. Having a year-round capsule…

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Why You Should Eat More Kiwis

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SUPER STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM / VITAMIN C A healthy immune system is the best defense we have against microbes, bacteria, and viruses that would otherwise invade the body and destroy our health.  Kiwis provides 273% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C in every one-cup serving! This antioxidant vitamin fights with bacteria until they’re dead. Take that oranges !(hush,I…

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Congratulations. Hard work pays off.     All brilliant blogs, worth taking some time off your busy schedule to read and get inspired! You can find the rules here  My questions for the new Leibster Award Winners that can also be found here are the following: If you could have tea with anyone in the world, who would that be? Do…

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