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Introducing a new badass concept on the Chelfdom

Meet Donna Marie of Yoga for metalheads!


Hi! Donna Marie here!, from London, UK


Yoga teacher, heavy metal fanatic, healer, spiritual intuitive….


Yoga for metalheads is about embracing the dark and light of life!

Not avoiding the shit we have to deal with and saving our soul without sacrificing it…

Being a heavy metal fan for 12 years, yoga saved my soul and being a survivor of depression, trauma and PTSD… From my 20s when I was very much a rebel and was the most broken version of myself, metal was the only thing I had back then that actually helped. I understand the knock-on effects of childhood trauma and what it does to our body and mind.

Because I’ve been there and over the years of rebelling I would get out of hand, overdrink, smoke and I got sucked into narcissistic abuse. I learnt to understand and realise that my behaviour and acts of rebelling were out of hate and anger for my suffering and pain.

The last 7 years I have journeyed through myself and I believe I really stepped into a greater version of myself thanks to my spiritual journey and yoga.

This project is dedicated to all you who have been or who are on a similar journey. Because I feel the world needs yoga to transform your self-relationship from pain to purpose.

To enjoy gigs from a place of love & immense freedom not anger, hurt or pain.

Just like listening to the music at the gig enables you to connect and help you manage the pain and hurt you may be going through …

I get it!


Heavy metal can help us actually cope with and manage our emotions…

Sometimes I must agree, the styles I used to listen to actually enhanced how bad I felt. Or my ability to cope…

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But metal music has this incredible ability to make us feel so much intense emotion and we can find extreme liberation from that.

So teaching yoga for metalheads has been created to explore taboo subjects like life and death, sexuality, depression, anxiety and how to overcome it and become our greater selves…. and get on the mat and have a blast!!!

You listen to your metal music because it enables you to empathise with the lyrics and energy of the music like it understands you and reads every emotion you feel!

It actually powerfully heals the heart! That liberation at the end of a gig! Expressing your pain through vocals! Well, I empathise with you!

Me too!

Did you know …

They allow you to get into that zone that makes you be able to forget everything around you and to just be in the moment with the crowd, your friends, the band!

Both are meditative . . . I know a yogi who has no love for metal may not agree, but how many of us metalheads feel alive and free in an epic song or at a great show, just like a yogi gets intense transformation in their own yoga practise?!

Yoga helps you manage your emotional presence and create freedom just like the vocals of the singer and chords of the guitar!

It is extremely powerful!

So I combine the two!

For spiritual yogis who want a combination of heavy metal yoga, a full body & mind.

Save your soul without sacrificing it with yoga for metalheads

Live classes are on Zoom…

To find out more…

You can find Donna Marie on Facebook

and Instagram

Until the next one,


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