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One of my favourite things to do is yardscaping: go on public transportation and go on different routes, looking into people’s back yards. They say you should never judge a book by its cover but your yardscaping is revealing more than you know.

here are 5+1 things I can tell about you, by looking at your back yard.

What You Consider Important

A lived-in yard reveals what you value, which extends beyond your yardscaping. In most cases, it’s kids and pets. Practicality over aesthetics.

You can tell by the disproportional trampolines that take up half the space. But you don’t mind, because it makes the kids happy, hence you happier too.

How Sentimental You Are

Over the course of time, your yard, just like your home, will mirror your sentiments. Objects can stimulate certain emotions in people, so if you are sentimental, you tend to hold on to everything. You probably sacrifice aesthetics for relationships, and you are nostalgic.

You also probably prefer the first 5 albums of Iron Maiden than the ones that followed. Your favourite food is something your mom used to make.

If You Are a Penny Pincher

Thrifted, one of a kind objects and DIY projects speak of a nifty soul. Why waste your hard-earned money when you can make it yourself? And if the result is not immaculate, who cares? It’s handcrafted and proudly displayed. Plus a great conversation starter.

How (un) Conventional You Are

Social norms dictate a lot of what we do. And you are most likely aware of the fact that there are weirdos like me, who will shamelessly look into your yard, so you choose what we can see to make a statement and let us know who you are.

If you want to fit in and be accepted by the masses, you will display familiar, easy to understand objects, that the average person will own.

Traditionalism is reflected in the run-of-the-mill decor, while less unobtrusive and unique pieces reveal a more open-minded, normless individual.

How Private You Are

Extra sitting, a large outdoor table, stools and side tables all reveal a highly social person. You are naturally at ease in most situations.

On the other hand, if you are an introvert, you probably created a more private and intimate setting. In this case, your yard is a haven, a comfort zone to protect you from the outside chaos.

Your back yard reveals a lot about me too: That I like to learn as much about people without having to converse with them. That my easy assumptions are easily wrong, and that on a rare occasion I might be wrong from time to time.

Until the next one,

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