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Wood Nymph / Make-up Inspiration with H&M’s new fluid eye colours

Wood Nymph / Make-up Inspiration with H&M’s new fluid eye colours

The product that inspired me to buy makeup after a long,long time…

H&M fluid hues liquid eyeshadow review makeup tutorial wood nymph

H&M’s fluid hues / eye colour in wood nymph is a mesmerising metallic dream in a bottle.

It glides on,the formula is truly lightweight and dries fast without being uncomfortable. And most importantly the brilliance is beyond this world.

H&M fluid hues metallic eyeshadow wood nymph

I never (ever) make impulse purchases so when I first saw this product, I fell in love,put it back on the shelf and went home.

A few days later it was all I could think about, so in order for me to be able to focus and get back to work I had to have it 🙂

wood nymph make up tutorial how to use liquid eyeshadow H&M

I used a simple brightening BB cream all over my face,minimal blush,and darkened my eyebrows.

I used the liquid shadow as an eyeliner this time,applied it straight from the applicator which glided on my lids. I finished the look with black mascara and a dash of dark lipstick which i rubbed on my lips to create a stain and keep the look balanced.

H&M nw makeup range fluid hues green holographic

The formula does not crease or fade during the day.

It catches the light when you least expect it and has a holographic vibe to it,smooth and vibrant at the same time.

wood nymph make up tutorial using holographic eye shadow h&m fluid hues

Definitely day appropriate as long as you keep everything else muted. And you can dress your whole eyelids with sparkle when the sun goes down and it’s time to party (or watch netflix all alone,all dressed up and nowhere to go in my case)

H&M make up review fluid hues wood nymph liquid eyeshadow



Liquid Eyeshadow $9.99 COLOR: Simply Mauvellous


Liquid Eyeshadow $9.99 COLOR: Cloud Nine


Liquid Eyeshadow $9.99 COLOR: Shifting Sands


Liquid Eyeshadow $9.99 COLOR: Vintage Tulle




Tag me with your recreations ! I would love to see how you are using liquid metallic eyeshadows!




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