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When Windir is celebrating we’re celebrating.

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of ‘1184’ and Windir are releasing ‘The Sognametal Legacy’ box set strictly limited to 1184 copies worldwide. I’ve got 1184 questions and a bottle of champagne but I will narrow it down to 5 milestones and a glass. Or two. It’s a celebration, after all.

Welcome to the Chelfdom.

What was the starting point for you? The moment that you knew you were destined to play music for a living?

Oh, that’s a tricky one.  The fascination was set when I saw some of my older cousins and neighbours dressed up as Kiss and played on their self-made instruments, playback of course as the instruments made no sound.  Also the first big concert I went to ( Alice Cooper in 91) has a tremendous impact on me.  But I never felt destined to this, I just always put a lot of hard work into chasing my dreams.

When did you feel accomplished in your career?

I never have.  It’s the constant struggle and journey ahead that’s interesting.

Was there a moment in your career in the music industry that you felt like it was hopeless? And how did you move on, especially after having lost a band member?

As in the rest of life you meet so many idiots and lovely people in this industry.  If people get in my way I always try and confront them. Better to get things out of the way rather dwell on it. But you can’t change a rock, so sometimes you just have to go around these people and keep marching forward.  I lost my father and best friend Terje within a year, that was a horrible time, but my eyes have always been set in the future.

Sognametal Era: It was a time filled with a youthful will, aggression, pride, curiosity and of course beautiful naivety, you say. If you could go back in time, is there anything you would do differently to mould the shape of your current career?

We are all a result of our actions, and regrets don’t really pay off, so basically no. If I could go back to my teenager self, I would say to give even more fuck off to the opinions of others. Live your own life the way you want it and cherish and loved the ones close to you.

What’s the next cornerstone for Windir? What would you like to be remembered for?

The next cornerstone is to make these great Windir albums available again.  Right now, I am mixing the new Vreid album and its all-consuming.  It’s the best album I have ever made and right now this album is all I want to be remembered for.

Until the next one,

Pre-orders have started immediately and are available in the Season of Mist shop HERE.

My interview originally appeared on MHF magazine.

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