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The People Around You: The Creative Freelancer Edition

The People Around You: The Creative Freelancer Edition

As a creative freelancer, having the right people around you can make or break your success. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut, but if you have the right support system in place, it’s much easier to stay focused on your goals and continue to grow as an individual and professional.


Let’s explore the must-have qualities of the people who should surround you.

People Who Inspire You To Be Better

One of the most important qualities in the people who should surround you is their ability to inspire you to be better. This doesn’t mean that they need to be able to do everything better than you; rather, they should be knowledgeable about your field, help keep you grounded, and provide constructive feedback for how you can improve. These individuals don’t have to necessarily be creative freelancers themselves; they can simply have experience with what it takes to be successful and have valuable insight into how best to reach your goals.

People Who Tell You The Truth No Matter What

No matter how difficult it may be at times, having someone tell it like it is helps keep us grounded and accountable for our actions. It might not always feel great when someone tells us something we don’t want to hear, but this type of person makes sure that we stay on track and honest with ourselves about what we are achieving (or not achieving). If your friends are constantly giving you positive reinforcement without any real criticism then chances are that person isn't doing anything more than being nice—not necessarily helping you reach your goals.

People Who Hold You Accountable

Another key quality in those who should surround yourself as a creative freelancer is accountability. Having someone hold you responsible for meeting deadlines and hitting milestones helps keep things moving forward in a productive manner. These individuals will also help motivate you when things start getting difficult or overwhelming by reminding why it's so important for you to push through and achieve what needs to get done. This could include setting up weekly check-ins or monthly progress reports on specific tasks that need completing in order for success.

People Who Make You Feel At Home

Finally, finding people who make you feel at home is essential as a creative freelancer because these individuals remind us why we chose this path in the first place—because we love what we do! Having supportive relationships that foster creativity will help ensure that there’s always something new to discover or create while working hard towards our professional goals. These individuals can also provide an outlet from work related stress while providing guidance on how best approach certain challenges along the way.

Having the right people around us as creatives is essential because they provide valuable insight into our process, hold us accountable for our actions, inspire us to strive for greatness, tell us the truth no matter what, and make us feel at home even when work starts becoming overwhelming. If these four qualities describe those who currently surround them then congratulations! But if not don’t fret—just remember that there are plenty of resources available online such as forums or other virtual communities where one can find support from like-minded individuals all working towards similar goals! Good luck!

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