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Used coffee grounds are an excellent plant fertilizer. Most plants thrive in acidic soils and your garden will appreciate your moka pot leftovers.Certain coffee shops gather and give away their use coffee grounds, neatly packed in beautiful bags, free of charge, just in case yours are not enough.






Scratches on wood furniture will disappear if you carefully rub in a small amount of coffee grounds dampened into a paste with hot water. Reaply if needed, a couple of times, to get the best possible results.



Place an uncovered glass bowl of dry coffee grounds inside your fridge. This will act as a natural freshener and odor reducer. Your fridge will smell lovely every time you open the door!


A quick fool proof facial scrub that works just as well as an expensive spa treatment. Use your cooled down coffee grounds to scrub your face gently. The grounds will slough off dead skin cells, and the caffeine will revitalize your skin.


I hope you’ve found these tips helpful!

Alright Chelflings, go be thrifty..



  1. I love reusing my coffee for a face mask but never thought to do so in my plants! What a great idea.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      happy to provide the inspo!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      happy to provide the inspo!

  2. We’ve used them in our garden for years! Seems to keep the animals away too!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      magic beans!

  3. This is great! I use mine to make body scrubs and exfoliating soap too! And they help fill up the compost bin. Recently I found out they are an excellent growth medium for edible mushrooms so I can’t wait to give them a try!

    Seriously what can’t we use coffe grounds for?

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      That sounds brilliant! let me know how it went!

  4. My grandmother has been using coffee grounds to feed her plants for years. I have been struggling with my plants lately, and I have been trying this out for the past few weeks. I have seen some serious improvement on the plant frontier! One of my favorite tips, great post!


    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      That’s great! It really helps indeed! I have a lemon tree that stopped growing and did not look as healthy as it used to, I’m trying to save it with a healthy dose of coffee as well..

  5. Wow I’ve really never thought about using used grounds for my plants, I’m definitely going to give this a go

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Yay! Your plants will be thanking you for ever!

  6. I love the fridge tip! I usually use baking soda but this sounds way nicer. I would need to pop a bit of muslin cloth on it with a rubber band as I am terribly clumsy. I really will try this though!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      what a great idea! I will try the muslin cloth and rubber band trick too!

  7. Ina says:

    Nice post, I mix used coffee ground with dirt around roses, it make the plant happy

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      happy plants, happy us!

  8. Love the idea of using coffee grounds as a fertilizer, I have a brown thumb so hopefully, this tip will help turn that around.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      happy to help!

  9. Great tips, I typically just throw away my grinds. I’ll have to try these out thanks!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      I hope that you do! Thank you for stopping by!

  10. I’ve heard that plants love coffee grounds before, I’ll have to try this next time! Thanks for the tips!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      thank you for stopping by!

  11. I am a very avid coffee drinker and I can not wait to try some of these!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Yay! I’m excited that you are excited!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Thank you!

  12. That is an enjoyable post. I also use coffee grinds to change the scent palate between different wines. But these tips are very good! Thanks for sharing!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Excellent tip! Thank you for adding to the list!

  13. I usually dump my used coffee grounds but my plants will now be getting a daily dose of coffee 🙂

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      try weekly maybe 🙂

  14. Natasha Botkin says:

    Amazing tips! Thanks for sharing.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      thank you for stopping by Natasha!

  15. I knew about coffee grounds being used a fertilizer but didn’t know about the other uses. Very goo to know.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      I’m so happy you’ve found something new Yesenia!

  16. There are some amazing ideas in here! Looks like I’ll be trying all of these!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:


  17. Rose says:

    Thanks for these tips! Always looking for good ways to reuse things and reduce waste 🙂

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Glad you’ve found some inspiration Rose! Waste-not is the way to go!

  18. Oh what neat ideas for coffee grounds. Who knew? Thank you. I’ll have to try the furniture trick!

  19. chris says:

    Coffee grounds are great in the compost pile. Improves the soil. Have never put it directly in with my plants, but perhaps I shall try that.

  20. Fantastic photos and a wonderful website! Thank you so much for sharing it!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Thank you Helena!

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