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Podcasts for Creatives

Podcasts for Creatives

Today I’m sharing a list of my best loved podcasts for creatives, by creatives.

Creatives take their creativity seriously. In order to create less cookie-cutter, more engaging content, whether it’s food photography, lifestyle videos, product design, or branding, you must be inspired. But even the most innovative creators sometimes hit a wall when it comes to creating content.

This is exactly when you need to look at your industry from a new angle.

Sometimes, the best way to find content inspiration is to stop thinking about content inspiration. And start listening to whatever it is that will make you see the world differently. Finding new audio surroundings, in the form of podcasts, can be a great source of inspiration and a resource to get input from experienced entrepreneurs, just when you need it.

I find myself craving a good podcast to keep me going routinely, time and again when I’m cooking for clients, when I’m styling a photoshoot, and almost always when I’m editing on Lightroom in the wee hours of the night. 

Podcasts for creatives are not just entertaining, convenient, and easily digestible. They can be educational, eye-opening and they feel very intimate and personal. They are portable and they fit in your pocket, even if you don’t have a pocket. I’m kidding. Why wouldn’t you have a pocket? 

In an attempt to avoid this list being cliché, I’ve picked podcasts you may not have heard of before, and ones that may have slipped from your memory. From emerging creative talents to established artists and designers, these are the podcasts I’m excited to listen to this season. Now you can skip the boring content and go straight to something fascinating. Tune in.

Eat Capture Share



Are you a food blogger, photographer or instagrammer? Then the Eat, Capture, Share podcast might just be for you. The podcast has been downloaded more than 100,000 times by food photographers, food lovers and food bloggers just like you.

This is a podcast that will inspire you to fine-tune your visual voice and develop your own unique and recognizable style.

Encouraging you to thrive as a food photographer, find your unique style and earn an income doing what you love, Kimberly Espinel from The Little Plantation empowers you to grow into the creative you want to be, as she and her guests share their expertise. 

Her episode on Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Jessamy Hibberd was particularly impactful and influential as they shared their top strategies on how to navigate a creative life while successfully managing imposter syndrome.

Manual Mode



Interviews with creatives, for creatives, hosted by NYC-based photographer, author, and agency owner @moriah.brooke.

This is a lovely podcast for photographers and creative entrepreneurs who are looking to take control of their creative careers and make good art out of the everyday. Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and performance experts about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the art that comes when switching your life and creative career into manual mode. 

Her first episode, ‘Lessons That Changed Me As An Entrepreneur’ is delicious food for thought, as she explains how entrepreneurship requires a strong mindset and self-awareness around your own limiting beliefs to be successful. Moriah’s optimism is contagious and uplifting.

Scandinavian MIND


The Scandinavian Mind podcast is a bi-weekly show, about the intersection of lifestyle and technology. Every Wednesday, they publish an in-depth interview with an innovator from the worlds of design, fashion, beauty, mobility or tech. And every Friday, they publish a panel talk or other behind-the-scenes content from the world of Scandinavian MIND.

The Scandinavian MIND content is aimed at early adopters, opinion leaders, industry insiders, and other curious minds that want to keep a close eye on the Scandinavian market and get an update on key global events.

They shine a light on the people, projects, places, and products that impact the world in a positive way by telling engaging stories through writing, photography, film, and audio.

I recently listened to their episode ‘Jacob Felländer on democratising art’, which touches on how to democratise art and monetizing art as a modern artist.

Clever Podcast


Clever is a window into the humanity behind the world around us. In each episode, designer Amy Devers has candid and revealing conversations with the visionaries, culture-makers, and creative forces who shape our world and inform our society. Clever peels back the layers to unearth the gritty, authentic, and sometimes surprising details of their creative paths.

Along with Jaime Derringer of Design Milk, Amy talks to super-smart people who are shaping our world and culture.

In episode 96 of the Clever Podcast, illustrator Abbey Lossing spills the tea on how she always felt drawn to the freelance way of life and how she set herself up for success by first paving the road with two years of corporate “real job” work before setting out on her own. 

I hope this list injects some inspiration into your daily routine of creating amazing content when you need a small shove forward. I hope that you found it so relevant to you, that you find yourself nodding along while reading this and that you felt the urge to click ‘play’, listen, and let go of anything and everything that holds you back as a creative.

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“Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.” — George Louis

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