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My Studio

My Studio

Welcome to my studio.

Come on in.

My goal was to create a light look, with durable materials, functional spaces and versatility. A creative playground that can be transformed easily while maintaining timeless design elements.

The rest of the house is all-white, with enhanced textures and architectural shapes, but for my studio, which is my creative haven, I wanted to add a few subtle pops of colour and a playful sense, that sparks creativity. The quietness of the house makes way for the visual elements that I wanted to incorporate to my studio, to provide a calming and stimulating atmosphere full of optimism.

I love that element of being in an all-white, crisp setting and just shaping and adding all these beautiful, edgy visuals that hold a refreshing energy.

It was also an opportunity for me to incorporate and display a lot of items that I have a personal connection with. The pile of magazines that my blood-brother brings me from the UK every time he visits, a perfume diffuser from my friend Anna who knows exactly what I like, a few handwritten notes from Fernando of Mighty Music that make me feel so special, a basket of tea towels that my other friend Anna got me from our favourite store in the Netherlands.

 These items keep me grounded and remind me of the things that really matter.

And then I also get to display some of my props that I found on flea markets and squeezed into my suitcase on the way home.
I wanted to showcase a fresh, minimalistic expression enriched with textural elements such as bouclé structures, raw wood and faux leather, to create an understated and effortless luxury.
Plush cushions offer a soft, comfortable and inviting quality, while natural textures like wicker and wood create a more grounding feeling.

My wall of props.

I curated a wall of props and put together all the items that I use often for my food photography. I basically got a few Billy bookcases from Ikea and played around with the shapes and shelves until I got a unit that really works for my needs. It gives out the feeling of a tailor-made design and it challenges me to find something new every time; to look at things from a different view.

It’s a really beautiful exercise.

My windows.

The studio gets incredible morning and afternoon light, which was a great selling point for me as I am using mainly natural light for my photoshoots. The windows came with a gorgeous set of neutral blinds that give me the option of privacy when needed, but to be honest I haven’t been using them that much as I enjoy the abundance of light in my studio. I spend many hours here and I find the transition from day to night with this light from the windows to be very calming.

As if it brings a sense of renewal.

My light pendants.

My light pendants are my favourite part of the studio. I got inspired by the work of a Danish designer and I sketched my dream pendant on a napkin. I knew that these were the ones. I contacted a brilliant, local designer and asked if we could turn that sketch into reality. We had a consultation where he explained the process, made a few cost-efficient corrections to my suggestions, enhancing what I already had in mind and he did a fantastic job. They make me so happy; I can’t stop looking at them! They are so simple yet elegant, they define a clear reference to Scandinavian design and superior craftsmanship.

He took pictures of the creative process and I will be sharing those on a different post, dedicated to these light pendants.

I feel that they deserve a post of their own.

My to-do list.

It’s an IKEA hack, where we got a MALA drawing paper roll, a broom stick and a set of OSTERNAS leather handles, put them together and created the most wonderful and practical, oversized to-do list, to fit my oversized daily projects. (I regret not realizing that this is real leather, I would have then chosen something else). Every Sunday we sit down and schedule the upcoming week.

It’s hands down my favourite part of the week.

My desk.

My desk is a minimalistic piece from Jysk. It’s a solid light oak desk, with a clear-cut and sleek silhouette, very functional, not too big not too small. It has a soft-close drawer with full extension slides, that really helps me declutter. I placed it against the wall after experimenting with different spots. Having my desk tucked away at the ‘office’ part of my studio gives a cocoon vibe that makes me feel protected from the street noise and distractions.

I keep the surface clean and uncluttered at all times.

It’s just the essentials: my fountain pen and ink, a jar with my stationery, my notebook and my coffee. Occasionally a fan for the hot summer days and always a scented candle, just for fun.

My chair.

Another piece from Jysk that I got heavily discounted. It’s the JONSTRUP cognac/oak chair which is in fact a dining chair but I still find it very comfortable. Made of faux leather with visible stitching, I find that it adds an air of sophistication to the room, especially when combined with a dusty rose, velvet cushion.

Understated and simple!

My photography tabletop.

Another IKEA hack. This is in fact our kitchen island from our previous apartment which we got from the bargain section a decade ago. We removed the tabletop and added real wood planks instead. I used a walnut varnish to protect the wood and stain it to make it look a bit more rustic. I added two Ikea INGOLF bar stools with backrests to create a sitting area and optimize my workspace, with aesthetics, function and practicality in mind.

The studio comes with its own kitchen and bathroom which are both still under construction. This allows me to grow my team and keep the studio independent from the rest of the house.

It’s a work in progress and I’m still looking to add a few pieces that will complete the “studio-project” but I’d rather take my time with it and allow my decisions to occur naturally rather than just buy pieces impulsively. I realized I need a trolley on wheels for my shoots and perhaps a desk lamp too. I am playing around with the idea of putting up a neon sign on one of the empty walls too.

What do you think?


…and a few randon snapshots

because the devil’s in the details

until the next one,


Interested in working with me?

I’m always open to new and creative ideas. For any commercial queries related to advertising, modeling, sponsorship, or collaborations, please email me at

I only accept samples for review or dressing that have been personally agreed to, via email, prior to posting. I choose to be mindful about receiving PR in an attempt to lessen my own impact. This also ensures that everything featured on the Chelfdom is featured honestly and because I wholeheartedly love it and chose it myself. 

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