MANILLA ROAD | To Kill a King ( a biased ) Review

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Let me start by letting you know that Manilla Road is definitely on my top 5 bands list, -if not number one.

My opinions are biased because I love them to death and I always will.

They have been working on a new album called ‘To Kill a King”, and today,  the last day of June is the official release of the full album. As you’d expect it foretells of many things heroic and grand. Swords, kings and queens, death, ghost warriors and bloody castles of the Devil.


In a world where everything from our food to fashion is fast and changing, my steady state is, and has always been, music, so if you’re anything like me, you will very much appreciate the consistency of Manilla Road’s sound and essence.

2017 is the 40th anniversary of Manilla Road as a band.

A band that enjoys a great acceptance for being tried and true and adopts nostalgic elements from the past while injecting something new and vibrant to the musical smörgåsbord, with each and every one of their 18 albums.



To Kill A King is a piece of art that still puts epic metal on the map, battles and all..

Very close to their roots with an unmistakable tune and a new bassist, ( Phil Ross, who took over after  Joshua Castillo hang up his Manilla Road spurs) the new album is wonderfully strong, with clear vocals and oldschool metal riffs,mid-tempo, a bit dark and melodic with the perfect dose of energy bursts, and lyrics dealing with creatures from the other side and visions of doom.

As always, they sense this world’s darkest hour and they up their hammers to stay. Get the album, play it loud.

To quote Μark, “Up The Hammers & Down The Nails”






30 thoughts on “MANILLA ROAD | To Kill a King ( a biased ) Review

  1. I didn´t even know this band! Thanks for sharing! I will go check them out now 🙂

    • says:

      go, go, go!

      • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 Very, very happy you are enjoying our new album “To kill a king” . It’s fans like you that keep our Hammer held high!
        Keep it epic,

        Bryan HELLROADIE Patrick

        • says:

          Hi Bryan! Thank you so much! I’m so honoured and humbled you stopped by my little Chelfdom.

  2. Oh thank you for that review- sounds interesting I did not know the band until now.

    • says:

      Get ready to get addicted

  3. I like that you admitted that your review was going to be biased but nonetheless I till want to watch it because it sounds genuinely interesting.

    • says:

      thank you for stopping by!

    • says:

      please do!

  4. I have never heard of Manilla Road before! Going to check them out right now!

    • says:

      I’m sure you’ll love them

  5. OH, this sounds like a band I might like to listen! I’ve never heard about them before, I’ll check them out 🙂

    ♥ Jasmin N
    // Little Things With Jassy

  6. This looks like a wonderful experience! I’ve never been to Manilla Road before, but I’m sure I would have a wonderful time.

  7. I haven’t heard of this band before, but now I’m intrigued. I’ll have to check them out!

  8. Ahh, never heard of them before, gotta enhancing my knowledge on bands;).. But this post has tempted me to check their recent release!

    • says:


  9. Hearing for the first time about this band Manilla Road. Thanks for sharing…will surely check it out.

    • says:

      please do! You’ll love them!

  10. I never heard of them before. I’ll definilty plug them into my spotify and give them a listen. Looks like you had a great time thouogh 🙂

  11. Hi, I’ve not even heard of this band. I shall be checking them out now. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you for introducing me to this band. Looking forward to getting to know their repertoire.

  13. I’m afraid I’ve never heard of them…but I totally get how awesome it feels to get a pic with a fave. I wonder if you thought about putting a little sample clip of them on your post?

    • says:

      It sure is Wilmar!

  14. kiriakos says:

    up the hammers!
    Hope again in a killer show in Thessaloniki for to Kill a King tour!

    • says:

      Fingers crossed, mate!

  15. I have never heard of Manila Road but it looks like you thoroughly enjoy them. I love experiencing all types of music and I will be checking them out.

  16. Courtney says:

    Ooooo now this sounds like one awesome band!!! I love coming across new bands and music! I will have to check them out

  17. Completely different to my style but yet so intriguing at the same time. Would like to know more about them.

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