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Dreaming of a black ‘n’ white christmas?

You’ve landed on the right place. I have always been drawn to simple, effortless and useful decoration elements, any time of the year, and that applies to christmas decorations as well. Even as atheists, let’s face it, christmas can be fun, cozy and very untranslatably hygge.

Here’s your ultimate survival guide if you wanna have fun decorating for christmas while maintaining your minimalistic aesthetic.


It’s easy to get caught up in the christmas madness and get carried away today, given all the options and the well targeted marketing that revolves around you  as a customer. When purchasing decor for christmas (applies to everything else too) nail down where each piece will go and if it fits in well with the rest of your things. Coordinate with the rest of your decor. Reds and greens may look pretty in the store with all the fairy lights and plastic inflatable Santa Clauses  but will probably feel mismatched and out of place in a minimalistic environment. Be mindful and don’t let the elves trick you into buying more that you need.


Upcycle household items into holiday decor. Reimagine. Look at things from a different angle and see how you can incorporate the beautiful items you use and love every day into your festive decoration. Stack your favourite plates and glasses to create a centerpiece tree that will blend in beautifully and will have all your guests talking (and taking pictures to recreate your idea when they get home).  Consider items such as glass bottles, serving bowls and trays, baskets and tableware. These elements lend a cozy, lived-in atmosphere to your room. Extra points of coolness: it’s highly instagramable too.


(Draw your own Tree)

If you find christmas trees overwhelming and you are thinking about wasted resources (too much plastic for the fake ones, too much energy wasted for the real ones),  go for something different.  Create your own whimsical version of a tree using paint and paper and make a statement. You can tailor it to your exact needs, make it as big or as compact as your space allows without having to compromise and it will be uniquely you! Add boughs of greenery and lights according to your taste.  I kept mine fairly minimal to complement all the other elements in the room.


Bring the outdoors in to introduce an organic fresh layer to your festive home. Nature (and pinterest, I kid you not) will always provide endless inspiration when it comes to decor and DIY projects. Here’s a fairly simple project that will emphasize the holiday spirit in your home without breaking the bank. It’s also a great way to get the kids (if any) involved.


Who says our holiday wreaths have to be over the top kitsch and excessive? If you love the post-modern ironic kitsch vibes go for it, you do you, own it and it will be fantastic! If you are after something simpler try this: Gather a few branches you actually find aesthetically pleasing and create a simple, versatile wreath that you can use on a variety of festive occasions by adding or removing elements to it. Make sure you get hight quality fabric flowers/branches that will last for ever and will hold their shape. It’s also important that you’ll get the removable ones so that you can customise them to all occasions easily. For christmas you can add mistletoe or pinecones. Less storage space occupied as well, which is so liberating!



Salt Dough Ornaments are colourless, they make great handmade gifts and they look adorable scattered around the house, displayed on beautiful plates and bowls or stacked in clear vases sprinkled with faux snow and/or glitter or mixed with fairy lights.



Be consistent with your palette and your colors (or the lack of in my case). Monochrome does not have to be black and white. Pick a color if you must, but carry the same eclectic scheme throughout your home, to create flow. Make a commitment to a certain colour that will serve as a unifying factor and the cohesive result will be truly rewarding.

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A very special thanks to YPSILON for providing the perfect location for the photoshoot


  1. the painted tree is such a nice touch! loved all of the decor you chose for this artcile 😉

    • says:

      Thank you Maria! Everyone at the Chelfdom loved that tree! So simple yet elegant!

  2. Draw your own tree! That’s an idea I haven’t heard of before. Love the wreath in the photo by the way.

    • says:

      I’m so glad you liked my ideas Vanessa!

  3. Dada says:

    Looks beautiful and peaceful somehow compare to some with to much of color and to much of everything. We likes to DIY with what we have and what the nature has to offer. As you we are going to draw a huge christmas tree, and with paper christmas balls that my daughter can tape on the “tree”.

    • says:

      Paper christmas balls sounds amazing! Tag me I’d love to take a look!

  4. I like. My new thing now minimalist.

    • says:

      You go girl!

  5. Good tip about knowing where everything will go before you buy it. I’m sure people buy a lot of stuff they have no space for.

    • says:

      True that Sandra!Let’s keep it minimal this season, shall we?

  6. This is an awesome minimalist style of decorating and I love how you stacked those dishes! And while I’m not very crafty myself, the homemade ornaments are great!

    • says:

      Hey Kristi! You know me, always busy, always deadlines to stress over and so on and so forth BUT these were so simple to make, very effortless and quick! Give them a go!

    • says:

      Thinking outside the box indeed! Aesthetics and practicality combined!

  7. Blair villanueva says:

    I like your savvy Christmas tree! Perfect for condo-dwellers like me 🙂
    Saves space and clutter as well.

    • says:

      Exactly! Thank you for stopping by Blair!

  8. Shannon says:

    Black is my favorite color so I LOVE everything about this Christmas color scheme!

    • says:

      same here Shannon!

    • says:

      More minimalism every year 😉

  9. You are so creative and show a real style for minimalist chic. My fav idea is drawing your own Christmas tree…just genius and a wonderful idea.

    • says:

      I’m so glad you loved it! We are obsessed with it and now added some fairy lights as well!

  10. TColeman says:

    These are some really cool decor ideas to have a black and white Christmas. I would love to do some of these!

    • says:

      Black and white everything 😉 Please tag me if you try any of these out, I’d love to take a look at your recreations!

  11. Sina says:

    The decoration looks wonderful. It would fit perfectly into my flat!

    • says:

      That’s awesome Sina! Always happy to provide the inspiration!

  12. Ola says:

    Girl your hair is so amazing. I know I say that every time I see it, but the color is so rich. As for as this setup goes, I guess that is about as paired down as you can get. I like the large white planters. Where can one find them?

    • says:

      Hi Ola! Thank you so much! You always make my day! Yeap, luxe minimalism was the ultimate goal here! I’m pretty sure Ikea has similar planters to these!

  13. You have the same attitude towards Christmas decorating that I do aha. Décor can still be fun without all of the angels and tinsel. I love your minimalistic approach! That wreath is absolutely gorgeous. 🙂 xx

    • says:

      We are so on the same page Christie! Less is more and less but better!

  14. Joy says:

    I love how creative you are! The minimalism is unique and definitely separates you from the pack. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great holiday season!

    • says:

      Thank you Joy! Happy holidays to you too!

  15. Ooh, awesome design! I can’t say I’m a minimalist at heart, but these combinations are too beautiful to overlook.

    • says:

      Yay! I’ll consider this project a success then 😉

  16. Karina says:

    A huge fan of your blog Chelf! Thank you for the ideas ! It looks wonderful

    • says:

      Aw! Thank you Karina! You are awesome!

  17. This is so wonderful! I’ve never seen Christmas decor done like this and really loved the tree made out of plates and cups! So creative!

    • says:

      Thank you LeeAnn! I thought it was time for something different and unique! I’m so glad you liked it!

  18. Ilda says:

    Love this Christmas decor, so minimal and modern but so festive at the same time ♥️

    • says:

      That was the ultimate goal this year!

  19. Ilda says:

    Loving this blog, very cute simple modern holiday decor.

    • says:

      Simple is what I was going for! I’m so glad you loved it!

  20. madi says:

    love these ideas- especially the DYOT and stacking the cups.

    • says:

      Get stackin’! See how far you can go 😉

  21. Joy says:

    Will definitely show this to my mam! 🙂

    • says:

      I hope you’ll both love it!

  22. I love your ideas! That hand drawn tree is absolutely amazing. And I love Zak designs too, I have many of their things!

    • says:

      They are brilliant aren’t they?

  23. I think being eclectic is one of the most important things to be. You have to be original and be yourself if you want to be happy with the way things turn out.

    • says:

      I couldn’t agree more David!

  24. Simple and gorgeous! Loving that tree!!

    • says:

      Thank you gorgeous!

  25. Quite interesting ideas, especially the painted tree. I like the serene feel and absence of clutter, but a simple and elegant decor…

  26. I love your greenery in the white planters! Gorgeous!

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