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I have a thing for ugly potatoes. 

Not metaphorically.  I love the little (or big) imperfections, the beauty marks and their scars. They make good chips, they make good crisps and they make good peelings too if you are willing to give them a good old scrub.

I’m talking about the surplus produce that is not cute enough to be lined up on the shelves and gets rejected by grocery stores. Apparently, we want our food visually appealing which means we aren’t hungry enough to actually appreciate food.

As a content creator, I hold a beautiful picture in high regard.  I do food styling and I spend an enormous amount of time and energy to make sure things look good for my clients.

But I’m starting to wonder if you guys realise that real-life food does not have to be picture perfect to taste good.

Food elitism is not what I would like to promote in any way.

So, point being, please eat your ugly potatoes, ok?


You know what else ugly potatoes make good? British baked potatoes.

Until the next one,

8 thoughts on “GREAT BRITISH

  1. I love any type of potatoes but I’ve never had jacket potatoes like this. I am all for eating the “ugly fruit” as well and saving it from being wasted.

    • says:

      Join the club babe!

  2. Potatoes are seriously my favorite food. I guess I would have to say I like ugly potatoes too! I think I tend to pick the oddly shaped ones more often than not!

    • says:

      I feel ya Holly <3

  3. Potatoes are one of my favorites! I don’t mind eating ugly potatoes, they still taste great for me

  4. I simply love potatoes. Ugly or not as long as they are potatoes, I will eat them…lol

  5. Rosey says:

    Those look absolutely delightful to me. I love potatotes!

  6. I just love a good baked potato! These look amazing, I am going to make them tonight for dinner…Yum!!!

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