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Else Diaries | Our Fave Pet Friendly Coffee Shops

Else Diaries | Our Fave Pet Friendly Coffee Shops

Welcome to another episode of ‘Else Diaries’.

Today we are sharing our favourite pet-friendly coffee shops in the city of Thessaloniki and a few snapshots from our coffee dates. I hope we’ll find many more places to visit, enjoy and share with you in future posts. Please, feel free to add your favorites and we’ll build on that as we go.  Pet friendly coffee shops are the best, aren’t they?


1. Little Big House | The Café


Little Big house is a hospitable, soulful and relaxing hostel, perfect for solo travelers, families, couples and friends looking for a quiet refuge to relax, meet people and experience all interesting aspects of Thessaloniki, its rich culture, its colorful history, its relaxed day life and its vibrant nightlife.

It is located in the most picturesque, quiet and safe neighborhood – the center of the Old City of Thessaloniki. However, it’s not touristy at all. It’s authentic, warm and real. And full of cats. Which, yes, you can pet for free.

The LITTLE BIG HOUSE Café is what followed and completed the “journey” that begun in 2011, when the hostel opened.

The desire was to create a hospitable space that could bring all people a bit closer to each other, no matter what their language is and which their country of origin is.

The café is open year-round, every day from 08:00 to 23:00. There’s a roof and garden where you can sit and enjoy your coffee, even on cold or rainy day, as they have partial coverage and include heaters and blankets for extra warmth.

The café menu is oh-so-yummy!

It communicates a wide selection of traditional drinks and local delicacies to world travelers, such as koulouri, tsoureki, Greek yogurt, frappe coffee, mountain tea, sour cherry drink, rakomelo, tsipouro, ouzo and local craft beers, and offers popular comforting flavors to locals. Additionally, there are daily homemade cakes to satisfy all tastes and to accompany your high-quality cup of coffee.

They made me and Else feel so welcome. I had just moved to the area and I was feeling kinda lonely and disconnected from my old comfort zone. The café staff was lovely, friendly and ready to offer cuddles and belly rubs to Else while I was trying to figure out which one of the delicious cakes I should get. Plenty of vegan and vegetarian options too, which is a massive bonus. From now on, you know where to find me…


24 Andokidou str, Thessaloniki

+30 23130 14323

2. DaRe Fitness Café


Check this out: It’s an online gym. It’s also a fitness shop where you can stock up on the coolest work out clothes. It’s also a café. They are relatively new and they go above and beyond to make sure they establish themselves as one of the most innovative and out of the box endeavors of the city. They are here to take care of your style, your coffee & your fitness and they are very pet friendly too. They are thinking of adding some vegan options to their coffee menu and they also have some delicious artisan baked goods that will make you feel extra fancy. Take advantage of their loyalty program and get a stamp with every purchase to claim a free cup of joe.


44 Ionos Dragoumi str

+30 6980 421515

3. Little Cup


Else and I spent endless hours working from that café. We used to enjoy a cup of cappuccino with almond milk every Sunday morning, before everyone else woke up, when we lived in the area. It’s one of the cities’ hidden gems, tucked away in a small neighborhood near Vardaris.

Happy, vibrant vibes, good music, smiley hoomans behind the bar, beautiful, simple minimalistic design. Oh, and a clockwork orange wall art, just because. I remember I was there, having coffee the day they had that done. It’s probably on one of my story highlights on my Instagram somewhere.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been to, or passed by the Little Cup without spotting a four-legged friend enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and jar of special treats. They are so nice to our pets that even some strays spotted the good vibes and stop by to say hi.

As for the hoomans, try the apple pie, if you are not a vegan. Or the cheesecake. Or the ‘pasta flora’ jam pie. You know what? Just try them all. You won’t regret it.    


24 Zefiron str

+30 231 053 7717

4. Peach Boy


Special Brews & Bites in downtown Thessaloniki. Take your dog and head downtown. A “peacher” will prepare your specialty coffee, so you can enjoy your day and smile. Not a coffee person? No worries, they got your -tea- back.

Extra playful, ready to serve the lunch crowd as well, they are offering value beyond what is expected. The inner setting is ideal if you are looking for inspiring place to get some work done while your pet snoozes on your feet. Or hang with a friend and figure out a way to make your lives and loves better.

The place is frequented by all the it-gals and it-boos are stopping by to grab a bite outdoors or sip a drink within the peachy peach walls.  Ask for your cinnamon bun to be warmed as you browse through their collection of coffee beans, vegan handmade bars, and bottled tea. I swear to caffeine, Else is all smiles in there. I was so tempted to buy myself a white oversized t-shirt or a tote with their logo.


44 Ermou str

+30 698 052 2858

5. Five Fingers


The Tiffany blue to-go cups and interior are setting the mood for a lovely breakfast. Compact and cozy, they will greet you and your pet with a smile and a steaming cup of good coffee. The sandwiches and pies are always fresh with very few vegan or vegetarian options though. If you are downtown running errands and longing for a caffeine fix, hesitate not! It’s a lovely place to be and take your dog along. There’s no room for sofas or comfy chairs but the coffee is mighty fine and the cakes plenty.


12 Dionisiou Solomou str

+30 231 022 8666


These are the pet-friendly coffee shops that we’ve sniffed out, and received a wonderful welcome at. 

Coffees, cakes, getting work done, people and pet watching, can you think of anything better? Else is ready for some new adventures and new episodes of ‘Else Diaries’ so stay tuned as we will keep building on this list and please, feel free to contact me and let me know which shops you frequent and watch the world go by with your bestie. If you are a coffee shop owner and would like me to add your pet-friendly business to the list, drop me a line and we’ll visit soon. 

This post is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the shops, all opinions are my own and of course, Else’s.

Until the next one,

E & C.

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