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Capsule Beauty / Simplifying your Skincare

Capsule Beauty / Simplifying your Skincare

Getting your basics right to masterfully avoid overconsuming and get the best skin you’ve ever had.



A lovely bar of soap

When it comes to cleansing, a lovely bar of soap with moisturing elements, such as olive oil, is the most natural and effective way to cleanse your skin in the morning and remove make-up before you go to bed without drying out your skin.

…or a good cleansing water if you don’t like soap. But who doesn’t love soap?

Step 2 / Multi-Tasking Hydration

Your Daily Moisturiser


Unfortunately, skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, but as long as you identify your skin needs, try to find a multi-tasking product that works for you. A rich yet lightweight moisturizer with anti-aging properties and a built-in SPF will keep your skin protected and hydrated all day long- and it will provide the perfect make-up base as well.

Vitamin A is the only known molecule that keeps the skin healthy and has anti-aging properties. Everything else is just marketing and beautiful packaging.

Natural ingredients like coconut extract works wonders if you are after a plump glowy skin.

I’m currenty using (and loving) Islands Harvest Coconut Oil Face Cream which is 100% vegan, cruelty free and ethically made. Win-Win.

If you find that there are certain periods of time when you need a heavier moisturizer (or perhaps during the colder months)  you can always add a few drops of dry oil to your regular moisturiser.

Which brings me to my next point:

Step 3 /  Beauty Oils

Nightly Rituals: Nourish & Repair

Nourishing facial oils, preferably applied at night so that your skin is clean and ready to absorb all the goodness. Using facial oils at night will allow them to sink into the skin so that the fatty acids will get hard at work to rehydrate your skin and fake a good night’s sleep the morning. Not to  mention how properly luxe and indulging the regimen feels.


Step 4 /  Weekly exfoliating & masks


By simplifying your day to day skincare you are not wasting time, energy or a small fortune on a daily basis, so you can probably afford to indulge (time and energy-wise, not necessarily financially speaking) in something a bit fancier and more indulgent once a week. A proper spa-at-home day on your day off, whether you can a spare a few extra minutes or hours each time will help you unwind and relax while pampering your skin. Exfoliating products can be super fun and easy to DIY, all it takes is sugar (or salt) and some olive oil and you can definitely experiment with more ingredients if you feel like it.

If you choose to go for a store bought product which contains microbeads, please be aware that the material is building up in oceans across the world, potentially damaging wildlife and entering the food chain.

As for face masks, you can of course either DIY a custom-made formula or find a product that meets your needs and stick to that. Either way make sure to apply your mask on a freshly exfoliated and clean skin to get the most out of the active ingredients.

Are you ready to simplify your skincare routine?

I’d love to hear from you!





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