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Korres Lip Butters

korres lip butters

Korres has always been a beauty brand that appealed to me.

They are greek,I’m greek (even thought there is nothing greek about me),they are self-made I’m Chelf-Made,and they believe in developing environmentally friendly,cruelty-free products by using renewable energy.

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All their formulations are developed based on natural or certified organic ingredients.

They even have specialists or ‘plant hunters’ to select the ideal cultivation region for each herb based on climate and soil criteria while at the same time working towards protecting endangered herbs and sustaining plant populations.

They avoid the use of harsh chemicals and substances that can be harmful to the skin and the environment and they also claim to avoid the use of non-biodegradable ingredients.korres lip butter reviews

 And I also appreciate the fact that they always feature the Formula Facts table on the packaging to fully describe the percentage of natural content and the formula structure in a way that everyone can comprehend,thus promoting consumer awareness towards ethical products.

 To my knowledge Korres has officially pull out of China because of the animal testing concerns they are currently cruelty-free and their products aren’t tested on animals.

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As for their lip butters,they have been my all-time faves,my go-to lip products regardless the season. They are creamy, very easy to apply,perfect for pampering your lips and soothing their sensitive chapped skin.

The Guava Lip Butter has been my go-to overnight lip treatment. I exfoliate my lips,I simply apply a layer of the lip butter and wake up with pillowy soft lips.

Korres Guava Lip Butter

I prefer clear lip balms as almost everything I own is white (ocd alert) but the other colours of the collection are as tempting as my favourite Guava.

The wild rose gives a perfect tint and I also love using it as a non-fuss blush on my no-make up,make up days.korres lip butter wild rose

Simple,effective,affordable and cruelty free.

They basically tick all the boxes.


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