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Chelfdom is a blog like no other. Music, plant-based recipes, luxurious minimalism, capsule wardrobe interviews, and lifestyle inspo.
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25 facts about me

25 facts about me

I haven’t introduced myself here in a long time.
I’m Yota Chelf Dortlouke; coffee addict, metalhead chef, creative director
and content creator.

1. I live in Thessaloniki, Greece, but I’ve left my heart in the United Kingdom.

2.  I’m a Scandophile with a soft spot for Luxe Minimalism. I believe in less but better and quality over quantity.


3. I’ve co-founded the metal magazine Metal Digest with my business partner Adam McCann.


4. I’ve been living in my own world, the Chelfdom, since I can remember, and you can visit anytime at www.chelf.net


5. I’m powered by plants but I’m not an angry vegan, do you, I’ll do me.


6. I’m a workaholic and going freelance was the best decision ever. I work with amazing brands and clients to create wonderful campaigns, recipes, and books.


7. I grew up poor and learned the value of resources, I’m proudly self-made.

8. I value friendship. A lot.

9. I could live on olive oil and bread, as long as there’s coffee.

10. I like monochrome simple lines, I don’t do colour.

11. Working out every day is important to me and my favourite app is Nike Traning Club.

12. I prefer gold to silver.

13.  I manage a band, Serpent Lord, and we just released a new album with the Danish label From the Vaults, check it out, I think you’ll like it.


14. My hair is naturally red and my eyes are brown. I wear blue contact lenses, just because.


15. I’m bipolar with an anxiety disorder and depression but I live a healthy, very productive, and happy life with the help of my therapist. It’s totally doable.


16.  I’m kind of short but that’s ok.


17. I like cheap food and expensive clothes.


18. I used to have my own radio show and I worked as a DJ when I was younger.


19.  I have a dog, Else the golden, who is my whole life. She’s the goodest girl, change my mind.


19. I’m a chef. I like to cook the Nigella Lawson way, from the heart with no measuring cups, cooing at the view of a perfectly imperfect piece of cake.


20. I’m an introvert and I like to hide in massive hoodies or behind my hair. My chosen family is my safe space and when I’m around those people I don’t need the massive hoodies to hide in.


22. I can’t swim or drive. Or ride a bike. But I just signed up for driving lessons so ask me again in a year.


23. I like Dr. Martens and things that are made to last.

24. I like foreign magazines and every time a friend visits from abroad I ask for a few copies. They make the best gifts. I am a minimalist but I save and keep my magazines in perfectly imperfect piles forever. I keep them within reaching distance and I find them very handy when in need of inspiration. 

25. I like finger tattoos and gold piercings and I have a few of each.


What about you?

Check out my plant-based recipes here, and don’t forget to share your own recipes and ideas. 

My lifestyle posts here.

Check out Else’s diaries here and here.

Read my interviews here.

Stay in touch: Facebook or Instagram I love hearing from you. 

What makes Metal Digest oh so normless? See for yourself here.

Until we meet again,


Interested in working with me?

I’m always open to new and creative ideas. For any commercial queries related to advertising, modeling, sponsorship, or collaborations, please email me at the_chelf@yahoo.gr

I only accept samples for review or dressing that have been personally agreed to, via email, prior to posting. I choose to be mindful about receiving PR in an attempt to lessen my own impact. This also ensures that everything featured on the Chelfdom is featured honestly and because I wholeheartedly love it and chose it myself. 

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