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Demons & Wizards | Hansi Kürsch Responds To YOUTUBE Comments

Demons & Wizards | Hansi Kürsch Responds To YOUTUBE Comments


DEMONS & WIZARDS is what happens when two people who are friends for nearly three decades join forces to create one of the most legendary collaborations in the history of heavy metal. Demons & Wizards is what happens when you get a Blind Guardian (Hansi Kürsch) and an Iced Earth-ling (Jon Schaffer) and lock them in a studio together.

Century Media Records and DEMONS & WIZARDS were proud to announce February 21st, 2020 as the worldwide release date of the group’s highly anticipated studio album, III. The new album marks the band’s first release of new music in 15 years.

I had a chat with Hansi not long ago, and we talked about all things Blind Guardian.

I made him choose between this or that and we had a blast.


Our last interview went viral –said Hansi.

I agreed, it was indeed one of my most popular interviews up to today and you guys loved it.

The problem with that said Hansi is that we can’t do it again!

You know what, we can do even better I said, knowing that I had another surprise coming for him.

Oh my god…! Said Hansi not knowing what to expect.

This time I thought I would try something different that includes YOU guys too.

So I asked Hansi Kürsch to respond to your most funny, witty, crazy YOUTUBE comments.

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Poor Hansi, he has a too nice guy face to look evil or aggressive

Hahaha! Yeah… well, I still carry a message. And the message is all that matters. I consider myself to be a positive guy even in dark and grey days I can look at the positive sides of life. That is kind of my attitude in general. And to be quite honest I hate videos in general so acting is not what I’m born for.

I am who I am, I cannot pretend to be someone else.

But like you said you manage to get the message across I said

Yes, but in this case, the message was all over the place he said laughing, being modest as always.

“The Bromance of Hansi and Jon: The Soundtrack: The Movie”

Hahahaa, well yeah, you see, people can look at it from different angles and I would, in fact, say we did quite a good job for the video I was really surprised to see how good it turned out so there’s some sort of truth in it the whole story.

We’ve been friends forever. And besides that you know, we look good in suits!

This at least can be said! You can see the connection between two artists, especially on stage.


Over a decade ago I used to blast Terror Train in the car to make my wife cringe and embarrass my kids. Now that my kids are adults, I can become that embarrassing parent once more!!!!

Hahaha yeah with the tough attitude and all, Terror Train still had a positive vibe somehow but I can imagine getting into an age that’s not completely unfamiliar to me that it can be embarrassing if you still wanna be the metalhead. Terror train invites you especially the middle part, you want to be that headbanger again, maybe even with shorter hair or no hair at all, haha, it’s all about the attitude. If this guy can still somehow deliver it, I’m quite sure that his children will love him for that!

I could not agree more. It’s definitely all about the attitude and you can carry a briefcase and wear a suit and still be a metalhead at heart.

Exactly, said Hansi, when we toured in Japan in the very early nineties with Blind Guardian, it was always a surprising thing to see how people changed within seconds once the show started all these guys who made it to the show right after work and still had their suits on, the bought the first Blind Guardian t-shirt they could get, changed clothing and transformed to these metal persons.

It was totally natural for them but for me, it was the first to me I’ve seen anything like that.

I am not surprised because I, personally never related my metal attitude to the hair or clothing it goes beyond that, it’s something very personal.

In fact, I’m still surprised when people judge other people like that, based on appearances only.

I once was at the airport, flying to the USA, I had a working VISA and surprise – surprise, the lady on the security check asked why I was travelling to the States. I explained that I am a musician and that I was doing a promotion there.  She looked at me and she was confused. What kind of music, she asked. I said heavy metal.

I would never, ever have thought of that she said. What are you doing exactly she asked?

 I am the vocalist I said.

I would never, ever have thought of that either she said.

Well, what would you have thought? I asked. Me being a teacher?

No, a programmer she exclaimed.

And this is something I could never be in this fucking life, I can tell you, said Hansi, bursting in laughter.

Ah, the stereotypes… I said disappointed yet kind of amused at the same time.

It’s entertaining to me said Hansi, sensing my disappointment.

Think about how we could hear this stuff as younglings and now it’s back as full-fledged adults! How cool is that?!

I chose that comment because it clearly shows how different generations equally love and respect Hansi’s music.

Yes! Hansi said. But put yourself in my place, it’s frightening as well! So many generations coming and going now, hahahaa! It feels so odd. I joke about that on stage as well, because I realize there are people there who were not around at least when we created the first Demons and Wizards. And some were not around when my friendship with John started. That’s the fact. But the great thing about it is that we are still appealing to all ages.

They’re back!! … I’m not crying, you are.

Hansi laughed wholeheartedly with this one.

We are excited about that, we never put that baby down completely bit it felt like that all these years in between and it seems like people feel the same. We are of course excited but I could see more excitement on the faces of the people! They could not believe their eyes and they were literally crying.

Nothing wrong with that you know. Male or female it doesn’t matter if you feel like it, cry. I hope its cheerful tears. What could be better than that!

“Oh we are so good we make people cry,” I said mimicking his voice.

Oh, I have seen lakes of tears, he piled on.

So, not only he is indeed so good, but he also has an extraordinary sense of humour, he does…



Hansi paused.

What are you doing? I asked.

Ah, just calculating.

That would make me almost 69 years old, so yes, let’s hope we won’t.

This is the good thing with D&W, we work on that when we intend to, and so this means having the privilege of time. It was never our intention to be away for 15 years.

Pretty sure Jon Schaffer stopped ageing in 1995 and just dyes his hair grey.

Hahahah! He is a good looking guy I have to say. I must admit he keeps himself in good shape. His hair turned grey but he is still a very respectful person, he appears younger than he is for sure.

Is it just me hearing Very Wasp type of singing and riffs?

I’m not sure about the riffs when I listen to the song it was AC/DC all over. With Joh’s riffs, it evolved a bit but, I was sure I had to pay tribute to Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. But I’m not listening a lot to those two vocalists or AC/DC unless it comes on the radio. I do have great respect thought for those two vocalists. However when I tried to pay tribute to that I think I overdid it and it somehow turned my voice into a Blackie Lawless style, without that being my intention. It just happened. John mentioned that as well as a couple of times.

I think that the reason the phrase “no release” appears so often in Hansi’s lyrics is because there is a secret, hidden BG album that will see no release.

Its more like decades or periods, using the same words again and again. Of course, they all carry a nice message within the songs. I remember back in the days people were complaining about the world ‘pain’ so I tried to stop using ‘pain’ and then a new world comes in and it’s used for another period. It just fits in so well in whatever I’m doing I’m not checking the lyrics against each other when doing an album production.

Hansi started going through previous albums, mentally checking for repeated words. I have to go back and check, he said.

Oh, there are so many people out there checking everything! If it fits and sounds nice I won’t change it.

We all have patents I added. It’s more relatable.

Yes, Dio did it, all the vocalists did it. Some patterns are suitable for the way I express myself in music. I have no issues with that!

I had to say goodbye to Hansi, but we both know our goodbyes are temporary and we always get a chance to chat every here and then. He agreed.

 I also know this is going to be viral too, he added, being so genuinely awesome as usual.

Until the next one,

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