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Let’s get skin deep here.

When was the last time you indulged in a lovely beauty ritual? Just you and yourself, enjoying carefree moments.

The majority of us have come to a point where we have close to zero free time to claim for ourselves and hardly any energy left to prioritize our beauty needs.

Or “wants” for that matter.

We live fast and our beauty dreams die young.

Fast lives, fast food, fast beauty regimens?

Stop. Breathe. Indulge.

It’s an investment in yourself and it will help you recharge. Taking just a few moments each day to take care of you, is not slacking, it’s not a waste of time, it’s simply a necessity that will boost your confidence and sense of well-being which will pay off in the long run.

When it comes to skincare products which I unavoidably associate with my me-time, I cultivate the same mindset as with my capsule wardrobe and well, everything else.

I prefer quality over quantity and I religiously live by

 the “Less but Better” rule.

A few high quality, rich in worth ingredients, and products, that will help me unwind and get the most out of my hard earned self-care moments.

And if it’s one thing you can splurge on regarding your beauty routine, I highly suggest that this should be your skincare, specifically your beauty oils.

I got into the habit of using beauty oils very early on. My mother who used to work in the beauty industry swore by the mighty powers of olive oil.

 We used to DIY hair masks on lazy Sunday afternoons, way back when lazy summer afternoons were a thing.

And she was right, beauty oils are a timeless, unfailing beauty staples that we all “need” in our lives.

My latest weapons of choice are these two versions of the LIERAC THEKOA oils.

Lierac has always been a brand I trust and never fails to impress with the quality of their skincare range.



I was instantly drawn to the citrusy scent and the rich formula that sinks into the skin and leaves you with a healthy subtle glow and an exotic scent that lingers all day long.

Is it firming indeed? I’ve noticed no difference, but to be honest I don’t expect firming results from any product whatsoever. My skin felt supple, smooth and hydrated.

[To put our science degrees to a good use let me add a quick note regarding oils and hydration. Oils do not hydrate. It’s a common misconception though. What they do is lock in the moisture and protect from dehydration but they cannot actually hydrate on their own.]

This one has become my favorite and I cannot wait to go home after a long day and use it. Quite a few people complimented me on my perfume when I was not wearing any perfume at all, just this little super hero.

A few drops go a long way but it’s so good you’ll want to use it with abandon.

Hey, no one is judging.



If Aladdin’s lamp was a skincare product that could grant you most of your beauty wishes it would be a bottle of this magic potion.

Even though to me it does not smell as seductively as the firming formula, it ticks all the other boxes. Potent yet lightweight, full of anti-oxidants and fatty acids that help keeping the skin plump and soft. It absorbs effortlessly, making it perfect to use day or night, leaving behind a protecting luminous film and a delicate, soothing scent.

As far as the packaging is concerned, even though I appreciate the elaborate, slightly oriental design, personally I’m drawn to more simplistic, aesthetically precise concepts but that’s just a matter of personal preference.




Add a few drops to your bath to get a spa-at-home experience. Your skin will soak up all the good ingredients and it will feel super smooth and silky without feeling greasy.


Add a few drops of oil to your body cream or lotion to enrich it and lock in the moisture. It’s quite the sensorial experience just make sure that the fragrances don’t clash.


Protect your tattoos from the environmental factors and the urban pollution by massaging a few drops into your inked skin. A well hydrated skin always holds the pigments better.


If you have ever been to a fashion show / photoshoot and wondered how they manage to get that perfect glowy yet subtle highlight on the models so artfully, this is how they do it. It’s dry oils applied strategically on the cheekbones, not just good genes.


Smooth down fly aways with a tiny drop of dry oil. Seal in the moisture and prevent split dry ends by applying a few drops on damp hair pre-styling, or when air-drying.

Until the next one,


23 thoughts on “INDULGE

  1. I think that even men need to occasionally treat themselves to some good care. Thanks for sharing this!

    • says:

      Absolutely Jakub!

  2. When it comes to my skincare routine, I am right there with you. Though I tend to use just a few products, the items I choose are always high quality and geared towards my personal needs. That said, I’ve never incorporated beauty oils into my routine- I just might have to change that!

    • says:

      Hey Lois! Yes! It’s defitely more about quality than quantity and I hope that you give beauty oils a go!

  3. I definitely need to make more time for my skincare routine… and these beauty oils sound absolutely lovely!

    • says:

      hey Kate! You can keep it simple and only spend 5 minutes a day taking care of your skin and still see a massive difference and feel great about it!

  4. Neely Moldovan says:

    I haventt really used any beauty oils but I love these ideas. I clearly need to try some!

    • says:

      I hope that you’ll give them a go and report back Neely!

  5. A bath with these oils sounds lovely! I hardly have had any time for myself lately and that needs to change.

    • says:

      That’s the most indulgent way to use them Steph, for sure!

  6. I haven’t heard of this brand but I have totally used a different oil for all these things. I am working on better care for my skin, it’s not easy but I am hoping that it will make a difference.

    • says:

      Hey Angela! It will 100%. Whatever brand you are using, or even if you are using plain coconut oil it will make a difference.

  7. I havent heard of this brand of oils before. My wife regularly uses essential oils and swears by it!

    • says:

      She’s on to something 😉 They are indeed great, and definitely unisex.

  8. I think a bath with these oils sounds like a wonderful experience. I also would have never thought to put them in my hair!

  9. Christa says:

    This packaging is gorgeous! My hair really need that oil treatment. I live in the desert so my hair and skin get so dry.

    • says:

      Then it’s a must Christa! Any kind of beauty oil would do! They work wonders! These are my current faves!

  10. I’ve never used body oils before, but these products look absolutely wonderful. I’ll have to start using them!

    • says:

      Yes you do! Life changing!

  11. I know there are so many different great essential oils out there which can be healthy and good for your self-care regimen. I will have to use some of these as they sound great.

  12. Ooh, I love a good oil and these found fab! I use them in a few different ways at the moment, but I’m definitely going to try out some of the other ways you mentioned. I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂

    Louise x

    • says:

      Yay!I love it when you guys report back!

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