…if you haven’t found the perfect biker jacket you need to read this

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1.You’ve been looking at the wrong place.

Head over to the men’s department and pick up an extra small/ small/ whatever size suits you better.

Generally speaking biker jackets designed for men have more clean-cut shapes and straight lines,they are less structured hence more slouchy and they just look more effortless which is very important when it comes to leather (vegan or not) jackets.

2. Thrift / Vintage

Truth be told,they don’t make them like they used to.

And even though you may certainly find a perfect buttery soft brand new perfecto on the high street you may wanna check your local thrift stores first.

Before fast-fashion was even a thing,people used to consider each purchase a serious matter not to be taken lightly, especially when it comes to such a timeless yet expensive staple,so they paid attention to the craftmanship,stitching,lining, and how well made a garment was,overall.


3.  On-line Shopping

It’s easy,convenient and you can do it in your pjs.

Which is totally fine when you are shopping for things you’ve bought before and need to re-stock or brands you’re very familiar with and so on,but when it comes to such an investment piece that you’ll probably wear forever you might as well get up and go out in the real world to try on as many as possible before you commit to buy.

A jacket that looks stunning on the model might not translate the same way on you.

They come in different styles,shapes and sizes and you won’t know which one suits you better unless you try on a few. And it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

4.  Think beyond aesthetics.

Practicality is key when it comes to biker / perfecto jackets.

After all they were originally created to protect bikers on the open road. And the main reason why they look so cool is because they are effortless and not overly polished. So,the less you focus on how stylish the jacket is the closer you are to finding the one that looks and feels amazing on.Make sure it fits properly,that the shoulders are not too snug and that you can comfortably rest your hands in the pockets.


5. Make it your own.

Seek authenticity. Unique details,detailed hardware,interesting lines and features,inner pockets,padding,zips and comfy lapels.. Anything that stands out to you or serves a specific purpose based on your lifestyle and needs.

I,for example cannot stand fake pockets. Inner pockets are a huge selling point since I use public transportation quite often and they come in handy when i need to have easy access and be aware of my personal belongings/ phone/ bus tickets etc.

Assuming you’ve found the one and feel ready to take it to the next level,or even better have two and feel the need to personalize one of them,start collecting a variety of pins, patches, band sew-ons studs and embelishments.

Have a specific plan and if you can, make a sketch to help you understand where each piece should go, and how to mix & match your patches to create the perfect puzzle.


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