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GanCube made me think: I’ve never solved a Rubik’s Cube in my entire life. I never tried to.

I wanna give it a go.

I think it will make me a better freelancer and here’s why:


Patience is a muscle and the more you train the more you gain. It will come in handy in real life, one way or another. Especially if you are picky AF, like me and you have to wait for ages for the right thing to come along.

Life Offline

Notice your schedule from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. How many hours do you spend online? And how many of those are wasted? Taking some uninterrupted time offline with an actual, manual, proactive game like a sleek GanCube is a guaranteed way to unwind efficiently and stop counting likes and follows.


Combinatorial Thinking

Combinatorial thinking goes hand I hand with a freelancer’s creativity skills. And if you are trying to juggle more than on project at the same time, keep all clients happy, respond to all emails within 48 hours and learn new skills as you go, you’ve got to figure out how to master combinatorial thinking. In other words, Rubik’s cube.

gan 356 air sm


There are three major processes involved in memory: encoding, storage, and retrieval. Our memory involves the ability to both preserve and recover information we have learned or experienced. Living a mentally active life is important to keep your memory in tone and a simple daily deed like spending some time with your sexy Rubik’s cube are more than enough to get you there.


Confidence is vitally connected with accomplishment. You know that wonderful feeling you get after completing a project, a training session or reaching a goal? That’s your self-confidence building up, giving yourself a round of applause!

And while you are working on mastering the cube, you receive a boost of self-confidence and motivation to keep going, keep solving, and keep improving.

So, what do you think? Should we all give it a go with GanCube?


This post is sponsored by Gancube and contains paid for links. However, all opinions are my own. The Chelfdom is and will always be a safe place for creatives and free-thinkers.

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