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They released their much anticipated, latest work on the 23rd of November and I ceased the day to ask them a few –maybe not so- frequently asked questions, see what they are up to and what makes solitude so respectfully important.

Welcome back guys! We have been looking forward to your return, previsioning the new lineup and your new sound identity.

Even before the record was released, we’ve had a little sneak peek, here at the Chelfdom and the grand reviews that you are getting are well deserved.

Let’s get some F.A.Qs out of the way before ceasing the day.

Who is In the Woods today? What’s going on with the new line up?

In The Woods currently consists of Anders Kobro, James Fogarty and Bernt Sorenson. We finished Cease the Day, are now recieving reviews and anticipating the release and making plans for some live shows in 2019 with the rest of our luive band (Kare and Alex).  The Botteri brothers chose to leave due to recurring issues which had plagued the band since the 90s – they are currently finishing an album for a new project, and James will be recording vocals for it.

What would happen to Norway without metal?

Lots of depressive folk music about forests, trolls and dark winter nights. We would also probably have more churches and larger stock-piles of Black & White face-paint.

What happened between 2000 and 2014?

For ITW members, Anders joined full-time with Carpathian Forest and (for a few albums with Green Carnation), the Botteri brothers both independently recorded some of their own music (as well as working with Green Carnation for one album), Jan K Transeth quit performing to become a promoter of local music, Oddvar also recorded some music by himself, but unfortunately died in 2014 (which lead to Anders and the Botteris reforming ITW).

What happens in the woods stays in the woods?

There is no echo in the deep forests of Norway.

The 2nd track from the latest album is called ‘Respect My Solitude’. What makes solitude so important?

Solitude is what enable you to assess your current situation, and decide how you want to move forwards without the external pressure of anyone else.

Are you really working class guys? What does a typical day in the life looks like when you are not on tour?

Anders works as a driver of industrial vehicles, James is an office-based wage-slave, adn Bernt works in Construction. We all work for a living, even though ideally we would live from music (which, in truth, NO band in norway is able to do)

What is hygge?

Best translated as ‘Contentment’ with how your life is (without the addition of anything). Enjoying a simple life.

James, have you really been accused of being a neo-Nazi because you started an English Black Metal band with a German name? (What on earth is wrong with people?)

Not that I’m aware of – but some people initially are confused by the name. I’m actually socially liberal and (for a few years) was an active trade-unionist.  I simply chose the name because I found it in in English dictionary and it sounded odd and had a mystical meaning (‘Eternity’ – hardly political in intent).  The fact it was German in origin didn’t even come into it (I don’t speak a word of it).

You are mixing up doom, death, and progressive metal –to name a few- Is this your interpretation of a musically substantial vortex?

It’s the stuff we like to write and enjoy playing live. We’re big fans of traditional 80s metal and 70s rock – so you get as much of that as you do extreme metal. 

What happens after the release of the new album? Do we have any tour dates?

We’re currently waiting on some dates, but will for sure be playing in 2019 and adding some new tracks to the live set.

Looking forward to that!

Stay in touch with the band here: ITW OFICIAL PAGE

Until the next one,


8 thoughts on “FAQ with In the Woods

  1. Annika says:

    Depressing winter in the woods. Yeap sounds right.

  2. Bjorn says:

    People are insanely politically correct these days, we can’t use German words anymore? Great interview Chelfie.

  3. Jose A.M says:

    80’s metal is a massive influence for all musicians I guess. It all begun then and there for us…

  4. Akhan says:

    I’m going to see them live, I cannot wait! Definitely one of my favourite doom metal bands.

  5. Ory J. says:

    Hygge is staying in on a Saturday night listening to good music, right?

  6. Rick Rehki says:

    Never heard of the band before but they are really good. I like the mellow spin to metal.

  7. Matti Fredrik says:

    It’s cool that they are so down to earth! I enjoy finding out about their day jobs!

  8. Ciaron Matzern says:

    Not just Norway, what would the whole world be like without metal? 🙂

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