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These are my current obsessions.

Favourite things and random contemporary snapshots. 


White Taper Candles

My current obsessions start with white taper candles. With a clean, sleek look, they look  just as good after three hours of burning as they did when you lit them

TOM FORD Soleil Flawless Glow Foundation

Feels like a serum and  it comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle with a gold dropper top

Silk Maxi Dresses

And dressing them down with combat boots

Old Celebrity Cookbooks

Even though I’m a chef, I do enjoy the easy digest inspo and really good aesthetics, from time to time. It doesn’t have to be dead serious all the time…

Cinnamon Buns

for breakfast, along with a cup of really strong, black coffee

The Fall

On Netflix. Always and forever obsessed with Gillian Anderson

Joy Division

Playlist mode: Going back to basics.


No explanation needed.

Bottega Veneta


On my wish list, top priority. Second hand preferably, as I do not purchase new leather.

If you are thinking of investing in a luxe designer piece for your capsule wardrobe and yet you are not sure you if it actually fits your lifestyle and current possessions do a test run. Purchase an inexpensive version of the item and incorporate it into your daily basics. If you are still obsessed with it after a 6 month period, give it away and invest in the designer piece you originally wanted.

It takes a lot of patience but I find this method to be the most mindful and conscious way of shopping.

Baby Blue Nail Polish

It’s a neutral, period.

What have you been coveting?

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