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Why You Need to Eat More Lemons

Why You Need to Eat More Lemons


Here are 3 reasons why, when life gives you lemons, you shoud eat them.

Magic Balance

Lemons are alkalizing for the body: Lemons are acidic to begin with but they are alkaline-forming on body fluids helping to restore balance to the body’s pH.

Search & Destroy

Lemons have powerful antibacterial properties; experiments have found the juice of lemons destroy the bacteria of malaria, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases.

Your Yellow Chill Pill

Research has shown that lemon balm has a calming effect and therefore may be able to help remove fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and tension. It is also believed that inhaling lemon oil helps in increasing concentration and alertness.

Β Enjoy your lemons



  • Christie Brown
    Posted at 07:58h, 26 April Reply

    This is so interesting. I’ve heard that lemons can do some amazing things for your body, but I never really looked too much in to it. I really need to incorporate them in to my diet more!

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 12:33h, 26 April Reply

      It’s so easy! Squeeze them into your salads soups or smoothies! πŸ™‚

  • Ravi
    Posted at 08:04h, 26 April Reply

    I know lemon is used along with honey for cough and cold. The best part is it’s easily available and with so many benefits. Lemon drinks are so very common..

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 12:31h, 26 April Reply

      yes! they make the best cold and flu remedies!

  • Nina
    Posted at 08:58h, 26 April Reply

    Lemon is awesome as a lip balm! I love it and the way it smells.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 12:30h, 26 April Reply

      How do you mean that? Do you have a diy recipe?

  • Terri A. Wilson
    Posted at 11:21h, 26 April Reply

    Some really good info here. Thanks for the post.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 12:28h, 26 April Reply

      thank you for stopping by!

  • C. Gibson
    Posted at 12:23h, 26 April Reply

    Good tips, some things I didn’t know about lemons. I love lemonade made from fresh lemons.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 12:27h, 26 April Reply

      yes! lemonade rocks!

  • charuka
    Posted at 12:29h, 26 April Reply


    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 12:46h, 26 April Reply

      thank you for stopping by!

  • Amber Myers
    Posted at 12:39h, 26 April Reply

    This is great to know. I actually LOVE lemons, so I’m happy.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 12:40h, 26 April Reply

      they love you too πŸ˜‰

  • Claire - Heart Handmade UK
    Posted at 12:52h, 26 April Reply

    I looove lemons! They’re so good for your nails. I got out of the way of eating lemons over winter because I hate the fact they rack up more air miles than I ever have! I can’t wait for summer πŸ™‚

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 13:05h, 26 April Reply

      summer is coming!

  • Khushboo
    Posted at 15:35h, 26 April Reply

    Every morning come summer or winter I drink a glass of lime juice with a teaspoon of honey. It is the best way to cleanse tummy and begin your day on a good note πŸ™‚

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:56h, 26 April Reply

      the best way to start the day!

  • Tasheena @ SimplyTasheena.com
    Posted at 15:49h, 26 April Reply

    This is really helpful information. I try to drink a glass of lemon water everyday. I love all of the great benefits lemons have.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:55h, 26 April Reply

      What a great way to start the day!

  • Michaela
    Posted at 16:02h, 26 April Reply

    I love lemons, I need to get them into my water more often! Thanks for sharing!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 16:20h, 26 April Reply

      i love them too!

  • Mercy
    Posted at 16:39h, 26 April Reply

    I love lemon in my tea and cocktails hahaha. I’m glad to learn that it has some useful benefits such as antibacterial properties. I’m going to use it more now. Thanks for the great tips πŸ™‚

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 16:49h, 26 April Reply

      thank you for stopping by Mercy! I love lemon in cocktails as well!

  • Andreea Buga
    Posted at 16:44h, 26 April Reply

    I use lemons every morning with ginger, honey and cinnamon! Really helps me a lot!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 16:48h, 26 April Reply

      ginger works great with lemons!

  • Patti
    Posted at 16:59h, 26 April Reply

    Great tips!! Always love learning new ways to use lemons.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 18:52h, 26 April Reply

      Thank you Patti!

  • JM Kayne
    Posted at 17:24h, 26 April Reply

    Interesting facts! I love lemons! ^^
    Thank you for this Chelf!

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 18:51h, 26 April Reply

      thank you for stopping by!

  • Casey the College Celiac
    Posted at 18:00h, 26 April Reply

    Interesting! I like putting a squeeze of lemon in my warm water + apple cider vinegar drink every morning for the detoxing effects. Delicious!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 18:51h, 26 April Reply

      great idea!

  • sophie
    Posted at 20:00h, 26 April Reply

    Ooh will definitely have to fit more lemons into my life now. I love eating them with honey when I have a cold, guess I’ll do that more often!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:42h, 27 April Reply

      they make a great remedy

  • Tatiana froes
    Posted at 20:10h, 26 April Reply

    I love using lemons for everything. It’s such a versatile fruit. Not only can you lose weight with it but you can also have shiny shower hardware! Great post. Now I need me some lemonade.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:41h, 27 April Reply

      they are so versatile indeed

  • Beth
    Posted at 20:30h, 26 April Reply

    This is such great advice. Lemons are terrific seasoning whether on a salad or on crab cakes!

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:40h, 27 April Reply

      yes!they are!

  • Fabiola Rodriguez
    Posted at 21:11h, 26 April Reply

    Also, drinking warm water with lemon juice in the morning is a great way to boost the immune system and get rid of belly bloating.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:39h, 27 April Reply


  • Mary Jo
    Posted at 21:32h, 26 April Reply

    Love lemons in my water everyday–makes it less boring. Now I’m glad to see I’m also doing good things for my body. Thank for the info!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:38h, 27 April Reply

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • Sushmita
    Posted at 22:16h, 26 April Reply

    Wow, wasn’t aware of it at all! Such an informative post will have to try and incorporate lemon πŸ˜‰

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:37h, 27 April Reply

      squeeze some in your salads!

  • Michelle
    Posted at 03:01h, 27 April Reply

    I keep hearing that you should drink lemon water in the morning. I will definitely start now. Great info, thanks

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:35h, 27 April Reply

      it’s a great way to start the day

  • David Elliott
    Posted at 06:31h, 27 April Reply

    I would never have thought of lemon being a relaxer although I know the citrus is very good for you.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:34h, 27 April Reply

      I didn’t know either until ‘ve done the research for this post!

  • Lisa
    Posted at 08:01h, 27 April Reply

    Yum love lemon! I have fresh lemon in hot water …. mmmmm… so refreshing!


    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 15:32h, 27 April Reply

      I do the same thing!

  • Ellie
    Posted at 18:57h, 27 April Reply

    I know that they are so healthy but when I try to “enjoy” them, I look exactly like the baby on the photo, haha. Great post!

  • Kristin
    Posted at 01:39h, 28 April Reply

    Good to know. I just bought lots of lemons. Can’t wait to use them.

  • Sandeep
    Posted at 14:41h, 07 May Reply

    Daily a Leamon in the morning is good for health?

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr
      Posted at 10:42h, 08 May Reply

      yes it is, not necessarily in the morning because they are acidic and you run a risk of discomfort but if you try it out and feel good about it yes, they are indeed a great boost!

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