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Jessica Baker plays the bass and does some hollering in the band. She enjoys books, scotch and making things fall off the walls with her amp. Rylan Caspar plays the guitar and does a little hollering as well. He had been missing in action for close to a decade but like the Bionic Bigfoot of the past he has decided to reveal himself again. Mike Cummings (mRc) plays the drums and does a lot of hollering, both in and out of the band. He has a healthy obsession with pro wrestling and aliens.

I haven’t been THAT intrigued by a band in a long, long time. I could make a list with all the reasons why I find Boozewa fascinating but instead, I’d like to know what makes this band special in your opinion.


Whoa thanks! Honestly, I’m not sure what makes it special, but it really does feel that it is. The three of us have known each other for so long I think we can almost read each other’s minds at this point, so that might have a little something to do with the sound of the band. We all played in Backwoods Payback together for years and years and really wanted this to be its own thing, I think we are doing it so far.

What is this unusual recording method of yours that we keehearing about?

I’m not sure it’s THAT unusual lol! I know so many folks that record on their computer and it always sounds so awesome, but we aren’t really too computer savvy (well I’m not at least).

What I DO know how to do is use a 4 track cassette recorder.

I have used them since my early 20s and I love the sound and simplicity of the whole thing. They are getting harder and harder to come by and they need some work to be maintained, so that might contribute to the reason not a lot of folks are using them anymore. But I can’t argue with the results, we dig it.

Let’s talk aesthetics. There’s a retro element that is really eye-catching. Who is responsible for that and who is in charge of the creative direction when it comes to aesthetics?


We each have a unique eye when it comes to art and layout. The Deb 7inch was all me. The photo I have been sitting on for the better part of the last 20 years, I knew I would use it for SOMETHING, I just hadn’t found that something until this record. It’s a legit photo from 1976, and I love it just as much today as the day I found it.

Jessica, Rylan, and Mike. Spill the tea! Who is the funny one, who is more likely to end up in jail, and who does weird stuff when bored?

whelp…both jess and I have been to jail, and I honestly think the three of us are some of the funniest people I have ever met. Rylan def watch the weirdest stuff when he is bored.

Like metal detecting videos kind of weird.

Do you think musicians need to post everything on social media?



Not at all. Social media is what it is, and I get it. I participate in it to an extent, but I also understand to the beauty of mystery. I don’t really care to know what everyone I listen to is doing at all times.


To me, less is truly more.

Let’s talk about ‘DEB’. How do you want people to feel when they hit play?


It’s a dark jam, it comes from a sour place and I think folks definitely feel that when they hear it. But how they take it is up to them. Another thing I love about music, art, and this band especially. Once we put it out there in the atmosphere you may take it how you will.

Last question before we let you go: What event in the life of Boozewa would make a good movie and who would play you?




The three of us live kind of in the woods and once a giant tree fell across the driveway so we couldn’t get out. We lept to action, Jess driving the El Camino, Rylan in the bed with a chainsaw cutting the limbs above him and me on the side with a rope pulling the limbs so they would fall in the direction we needed them to. It was like we didn’t even think about it, just DID IT, action movie montage style! I think we play ourselves in the flick…gotta get that SAG notation somehow.


– Jessica Baker / bass, hollering

– Rylan Caspar / guitar, hollering

– Mike Cummings (mRc) / drums, hollering


Connect with Bozeewa for the good cheese on recyclable plates BUDdy marys in the fancy glasses and top shelf scotch top shelf riffs.





I conducted the interview on behalf of Metal Digest magazine.

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