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Lauded for it’s sharp, chic, minimalistic aesthetic the black slip dress has evolved into a celebration of versatility. This post is dedicated to the numerous ways you can style a slip dress, pared-back or edgy, and a curated selection of hand-picked dresses, garments and accessories from my favourite boutiques.

These are the formulas to create fail-proof outfits with your capsule wardrobe.


Add Pearls

Pearl addicts have much to celebrate with this envy-inducing statement concept. Invest in a pair of pearl straps that you will attach to your classic black slip dress and watch it transform into a statement of elegance. Alternatively, attach two dainty hooks to your pearl necklace and DIY a pearl strap.



Steal your Man’s Shirt

Borrowed from the boys, a crisp cotton men’s shirt has made its way permanently into our wardrobes. Worn over or under your slip dress is the epitome of relaxed day wear.


Layer Denim & Sneakers

The enduring appeal of the denim jacket is no mystery. It’s a fail-safe way to dress down luxe silk dresses, especially paired with sneakers. It’s also a great way to take your summer dresses from summer to fall and layer up for those chilly breezy nights.


Dress Your Trousers

Play with proportions, team your favourite black slip dress with a pair of cigarette pants or skinny jeans and it will instantly elevate the look. If there is a revealing slit, you’ve hit the style jackpot.

Layer Your Band Tees

If you know me, you know that my band tees are an undeniable part of my wardrobe. They represent my taste in music, the bands I love and support and they are now part of my history. Every tee has a story behind it. A concert, a band I worked with, a night out after rehearsing at the studio. And if anyone ever tries to tell you that you can’t wear your Chanel with your band tees, they are not your friends.

*This is where I get all my band tees: NEPHILIM METAL STORE


Here’s to rediscovering your favourite slip dress and all of the swoon-worthy newness that you can breathe into your capsule wardrobe.

This blog post & shop widgets use affiliate links. 

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