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Style Notes: Shoes | Up2Step

Style Notes: Shoes | Up2Step

Expect minimal silhouettes, plentiful options, clean lines, and luxurious detailing from Up2 Step

If you are into luxe minimalism, these are the pieces you should be adding to your wish list.

If you a dedicated minimalist or believe in less but better, upgrading your style with a new pair of shoes presents an ample opportunity to experiment with your style and make an otherwise simple outfit feel exclusive, expensive, and truly you-nique! Edit your wardrobe down to your favorite clothes, add beautiful and practical pairs of shoes, shop intentionally, and wear your most coveted pieces every day!

white heels

Earn style points all year-round with sleek, monochrome heels in notice-me whites. It’s impossible to think of heels without the associations of femininity, and sex appeal. Get your badge of attitude, individuality, and self-expression with these simple yet elegant white heels. Invest in chic, uncomplicated designs that go just as well with jeans and a t-shirt as with a flowy voluminous summer dress. A wardrobe necessity any time of year, a pair of white heels will add instant polish to your look, leaving you feeling elevated (and a few inches taller).

clear heels

Crystal Clear: Clear accents is the new classic. Not only practical and comfy but also remarkably high-fashion, clear heels made their way into our capsule wardrobes and they are here to stay. Skip the Cinderella vibe and opt for ultra-modern, reimagined silhouettes with clear, glossy details. They add a touch of whimsy to your everyday ensembles, and the simplest the lines the better. Let the clear heels do all the hard work. Exciting, inventive, and braver than ever…

Pearls, bows & mesh

Polished and wearable with an enviably effortless aesthetic. A pair of bow sandals  is playfully feminine and ideally paired with masculine pieces, like a tailored suit, will elevate your unisex dressing. I don’t have to tell you how sexy is this… A luxury take on a classic pair of flats, a pair of delicate bow sandals will get you out of a sartorial slump and breathe new life into your wardrobe, especially if it is made up of basics with a general minimalist aesthetic.

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