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Your home is a reflection of your personality and tells your story the minute a guest walks in. And you probably clean and scrub and stress when you are expecting company especially the first time somenone comes to visit. But what do people really notice in your home? ( it’s not how much you’ve spent on that designer ghost chair )


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The first thing that catches the eye is the colour palette. Which plainly speaks volumes about your demeanor. The colours (or lack of) you’ve chosen for your home echoes the quintessence of your style and that’s the very first thing that people automatically observe. So,put your mind at ease,there is nothing to do,if they like you they will probably like your home as well,and if not,frankly my dear..

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Every home has a scent even if we tend to get noseblind to our own homes smells.

Ditch the conventional toxic air fresheners and simmer a pot of water with citrus peels and cinammon or burn a (preferably  vegan) candle,use a DIY carpet freshener or dab a few drops of your fave essential oil on a cool light bulb,which will realease a lovely scent when you turn the lights on..

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There’s nothing more appealing, interesting and a guaranteed conversation opener than a few eclectic pieces of unique artwork in your home. Whether it’s an entire  gallery-wall or a few key pieces here and there,nothing makes a space appear more put together than a unique piece of art that noone else has.

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Or high quality truly lifelike ones. If you are a very frugal person and find buying fresh flowers a bit of a waste (and I can totally relate to that) invest in a few artificial blossoms.And choose colour wisely.  Flowers bring an air of effortless elegance to a room and will make your guests feel instantly more relaxed.

It’s a true flower-power!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and keep in mind that as long as you are in a good relaxed mood your guests will leave remembering the whole experience and the warm welcome.



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