How to care for your White Denim

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Polished and chic, a pair of white jeans are definitely capsule wardrobe worthy.
Here’s how to keep them fresh and prolong their longevity.

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1.Always keep the care-tags that come with the garment.
Get into the habit of placing all the care tags of newly bought items in a  designated box. It might sound slightly over the top but it will surely pay off in the end by saving you lots of time and effort when you need to deal with certain stains. If you are in a capsule wardrobe and you believe in ”less but better” you probably cherish every single garment you own and prolonging their longevity is important to you. This will help you keep your clothes in an immaculate condition for a long,long time.

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2.Skip the Bleach.  Even though convenient,it breaks down the denim and damages your  jeans

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3.Wash with distilled white vinegar and use detergent sparigly.
Instead of a full dose of detergent use 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and just a little detergent if needed,since the alcaline in most detergents can cause yellowing.

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4.Consider washing them less often and hang them in the shower for a quick refresh in between washes.The steam from your shower will regain some tightness to your denim and make them feel fresh again.
5.Avoid fabric softener because it tends to yellow fabric. Use soda instead and feel good about going for the environmentally friendly option.

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6. Air dry instead of tossing them in the dryer and you will notice a huge difference! Your jeans will stay white longer since the heat of the dryer will break down the denim fibers and also cause the alcalines of the detergent to set in even more and yellow your clothes.
I hope you’ve found these tips helpfull and please share your own in the comments down below!



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