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Glorious Sounds / Suicidal Angels

Glorious Sounds / Suicidal Angels

Speed and Agression

We don’t talk about greek thrash metal enough.

Suicidal Angels formed in 2001 as a school project by the ( 16 year old at the time) guitarist Nick Melissourgos.

If only all school-project outcomes where to be like that.

The band’s first demo, “United by Hate”, was released in 2002. Two years later, they recorded their first extended play, “Bloodthirsty Humanity”.

Then came “Angel’s Sacrifice” (2003) and the “Calm Before the Storm” (2004 demo), with “The Armies of Hell” following up in 2006, but things got momentous in 2007 when the band recorded their first full-length album, “Eternal Domination” and joined Rotting Christ‘s Tour, while later in 2007 they also toured with Onslaught and Massacre and opened for the german thrashers Kreator.

2007 was a very good year indeed.

More Darkness came along a couple of years later with the release of  “Sanctify the Darkness” and the band performing at many European festivals, including Wacken Open Air and Metalcamp.

More alive than ever in 2010 with the album “Dead Again”, followed by a total “Bloodbath” in 2011 and a tour “Full of Hate ” in 2012, they decided to “Divide and Conquer” in 2014.

The game-plan proved fruitful as shortly after, the band hit the road once again, with the first, headline tour, called “Conquering Europe” .

In 2016 they released their latest slanting piece of work, “Division of Blood” to Set the Cities on Fire.

Dark, fast, uncompromising,kickass metal like nobody’s business.

Save the date: Friday 24th of February, EightBall Club, Thessaloniki, Greece.

I’ll meet you at the FRONTGATE.

Chelf’s Note: The band ABUSIVE will open for them. Yet another reason not to miss the event. They are punk/thrash/death up a storm. They are soon to release their first album,so you’ll get to say ” I knew them before they were even famous”

See you there!

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  • john
    Posted at 13:41h, 01 March Reply

    great website, Chelfdom! thank you for this post! support metal \m/!!!

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