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The White Shirt Dress | ASOS WHITE

The White Shirt Dress | ASOS WHITE

Sleek and cut to a loose oversized silhouette a simple white shirt-dress was an essential addition to my capsule wardrobe.


white shirt dress asos white collection

A few key points (being my usual ridiculously picky and eclectic chelf) that were very important to my choice:
It had to have pockets,it had to be at least 80% cotton and it had to be long-sleeved so that I can wear it year round either by rolling my sleeves up or layering it under a chunky oversized jumper.Furthermore it had to be long enough to be appopriate in several occasions.

asos white oversized shirt dress capsule wardrobe

I was on the hunt for the perfect shirt dress for years and I finally found the one earlier this year.

asos white shirt dress the perfect shirt dress

Asos White Collection to the rescue. The White collection is Asos premium high quality line and it happens to match my aesthetic perfectly which let me tell you,is a rare thing indeed.

luxe shirt dress asos white capsule wardrobe minimalism

I was instantly drawn to it’s clean line,straight,almost androgynous cut and subtle understated design.

cotton luxurious white shirt dress how to style

Constructed of 100% crisp cotton,it feels and looks oh-so luxurious,as if you wrapped yourself with the softest agyptian cotton white sheets on a hot summer day.

white shirt dress how to wear asos white capsule wardrobe minimal

I can think of at least 20 ways to style it with the rest of my capsule wardrobe items but just wearing it on it’s own with a pair of black barely there sandals is definitely the way to go…

asos white shirt dress capsule wardrobe

Would you add a shirt evening dress to your capsule wardrobe?
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