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Can music save the world? Bloodywood explains.

BLOODYWOOD is a Folk Metal band from India known for pioneering a sound that seamlessly fuses Indian Folk instruments with Metal to devastating effect. Expect to hear the percussive power of the mighty Dhol, the melancholic Flute, the single stringed Tumbi and several other uncommon yet distinctively characteristic sounds from India. A combination of thunderous Hindi/Punjabi Choruses and meaningful yet unforgiving Rap verses along with the ethnic instrumentation makes BLOODYWOOD a truly unique experience.

Metal Digest had a chat with the band about the ways music can affect societal issues and influence political, religious, social, and environmental views.

Welcome to the Chelfdom

The first time I’ve listened to your music a few years ago, I remember saying out loud: ‘Now that’s a band that actually has something to say.’ I was reading the subtitles and memorized the lyrics. How do you think your music can affect societal issues?

Thanks so much! Part of the reason we do what we do is because we believe music can help combat societal issues by highlighting the issues themselves and creating a desire to do something about them. Everyone knows that there’s something wrong, that something needs to be done, but music can convey emotion and desire – that’s what sets it apart. We’ve always had the ability to do something about every single issue we’re facing, it’s just a question of doing it. Music can be a catalyst in this regard, and the best example of this so far is our song Jee Veerey, which is about depression and mental illness. We bought online counseling sessions and added a link in the description for anyone who may need them, both the song and the sessions have saved hundreds of lives to date. It’s also added to the growing awareness that this is a genuine issue that’s worth paying attention to. Apart from that we’ve heard plenty of stories of people sharing the song with someone going through a difficult time and how it helped them. It showed us the true power of music so we’re going to keep trying to make an impact of this kind.

Should music be used to influence political, religious, social, environmental views, etc?

Yeah 100% as long as there’s a positive message that serves the greater good. The ability and impact that music can have on our lives is indisputable, it can definitely be used to shape the world into a better place.

We listened to songs that talk about combating mental illness, overcoming divisive politics, battling the poverty crisis, crushing corruption, eliminating sexual assault, hope, belief and undying determination. How did your background and your country affect the basic content of your concept?

All the songs have a universal message, but like you’ve mentioned, our country and background have showed them to us in our daily lives. India like the rest of the world suffers at the hands of these challenges, and whether through first- or second-hand experiences we’ve understood their horror and magnitude. So when we write our songs we tap into those experiences, but we write from a human perspective rather than an Indian perspective, because we want to help eradicate these challenges everywhere.

Do you have a network of other artists, and how do they support you?

Not yet, but we have some plans for the future.

You are currently gearing up for a headliner tour across Europe in March. Congratulations. Is this your greatest tour so far? How long does it take you to prepare for a tour?

Thanks! We’ve only toured once before this, but yeah it’s the biggest tour on paper and hopefully it’ll be the greatest. We practiced for two months for the last one and it’s the same game plan this time around. We’ve added songs from the album to the live set so it’ll be a combination of practicing from scratch and relearning older tracks.

Describe your ideal working environment.

One that’s filled with trust, good energy and good humor. It doesn’t hurt if there’s a PlayStation or videogames of some kind on hand either.

Do you intend for others to “see” and “feel” what you “see” and “feel” in your music? 


What is the biggest challenge of being a part of Bloodywood?

“Our studio’s on the 21st floor and sometimes the lifts don’t work. Also, sometimes people call us “Bollywood”.

And what’s the most fun part?

Pushing the limit, every time someone thinks we’ve reached it. Buy our album, it’s proof.

Bloodywood is:

Karan Katiyar: Guitar, Flute, Percussion, Composition, Production

Raoul Kerr: Rap Vocals

Jayant Bhadula: Aggressive Vocals

Bloodywood Rakshak

Release: 18 February 2022

Social Media:





I conducted the interview on behalf of Metal Digest magazine.

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