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Beauty / The almighty Almond Oil and how to use it to make Everything Better

Beauty / The almighty Almond Oil and how to use it to make Everything Better

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Why it’s so Great and so Chock Full of natural goodness:
Rich in potent antioxidant vitamin E and monosaturated fatty acids,proteins,zinc and potassium,vitamin A,  as well as calcium and iron.
Almond oil is killining it!


Gently massage a few drops into your skin and let it sink in. It’s a great treatment for dry skin,it moisturizes and prevents UV damage. It’s hypoallergenic and even suitable for babies.

Make a simple yet very effective diy facial or body scrub by mixing 2 tablespoons of almond oil with 3-4 tablespoons sugar. It feels and smells so indulgent!

how to use almond oil in beauty skincare hair apivita


Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E and magnesium in almond oil will nourish your hair and make them feel and look sleek and shiny. Rub a few drops in your palms and run your fingers through your hair for a quick fix or massage a good amount, enough to cover your scalp and hair,wrap your hair in a warm towel and let it sink in for as long as possible. 45 minutes should be enough but you could also leave it overnight. Unless everything you own is nice and white and stain easily,I feel you. We should form a club.

weave hair

MakeUp Removal

Almond oil is amazing at removing your make-up as well. Stubborn mascara,waterproof eyeliner,lip stains and long lasting foundation? No problem. A few drops on a cotton pad or at your fingertips,massage onto your face and watch your make-up dissolve within seconds. And since it works magic on your skin as well,you know you’re doing yourself a favour.

apivita oil to remove makeup

Nails ,Eyelashes,Brows & Lips

If your philosophy is about using less but better products and invest in a few high quality and cruelty free items rather that drawers full of skincare,consider a multi-tasking and versatile, potent little bottle of almond oil. It works wonders and it will never fail to amaze you! Massage a tiny amount into your nails and cuticles,use it to nourish your eyelashes and eye brows,or soothe and soften your lips with a lovely home-made lip balm which you’ll quickly put together by mixing some almond oil with honey or shea/coconut butter.

diy lip balm apivita almond oil how to use in beautySo,whatever troubles you, almond oil shall come to your rescue and will probably save the world on it’s way over and bring you a soy latte with an extra shot.

You are welcome.


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