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“All For Animals”

“All For Animals”

The first celebration of World Vegan Day with a collaborative video gathering more than 20 people from 14 different countries.



I am honored and humbled to be a part of this. Even though I am not a musician nor a singer I could not resist the opportunity to accept the invitation and raise awareness.

It’s an acoustic cover of “All for Metal” by DORO (Nuclear Blast Records) with altered lyrics, and you know my obsession with the Queen. She kindly agreed to the concept.

Thank you Nameless Beasts for taking action, for not standing by and for speaking up. We need warriors like you.

Thank you Thai Vegan for facilitating the collaborative music video and for keeping the fight alive.

I would like to grab this opportunity to say that I am a Vegan myself, I have been a vegan for almost a decade now and it’s not a trend, it’s not a fad, it’s not even something I like to talk about.

Not all of us are angry vegans, nor will we lecture you on what’s right or wrong.

I will speak for myself: There is no right or wrong. Do what you will. I will not stand in your way and I will not express my opinion unless specifically asked to.

However, neither will I allow you to stand in my way, while I’m doing my thing.

If you are looking for more inspiration check out my interview with Doro, choose a vegan recipe from my recipe collection or read my article on how to cut down on meat the easy way.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go milk an almond cow.

Speak soon,

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