5 Questions with a Gym Nutritionist

Written by the_chelf@yahoo.gr

1 Could you describe the new-age body image in a sentence?


Toned & Curvy Female Body

2 Give us 1 VIT ( Very Important Tip ) for all the gym bunnies out there.


The first 20′ after your training sessions are crucial. Have a nutritious snack to help your body recover. A few suggestions: A glass of milk and a banana OR 1 glass of orange juice and a few unsalted nuts OR a glass of buttermilk and 2-3 crackers.

3 Hydration: Do we all need the same amount of water to be healthy? And what do I do if I hate plain water?


No, we don’t! It depends on how much excersise you get as well as your age and individual needs. If you hate drinking water I suggest that you add 4 tbs honey, 1/8 tsp salt and 60ml orange juice to 1 litre of plain water and sip on that.

4 Protein Shakes, Energy Bars, Boost Gels. Waste-of-Money-Marketing or necessity?


I believe that they are only necessary when it comes to pro-athletes, such as body-builders, that need to get  a high percentage of nutrients fast and maybe to individuals that work out intensively and don’t manage to cover the necessary protein intake though their diet mainly due to a lack of time.

5 The world is about to end and you can only save one type of sandwich. Which one?


It would have to be a turkey-cheese-letuce-tomato sandwich on a whole wheat baguette ( it combines protein with natural fresh ingredients and it will help you feel fuller, longer.)


Xenia lives in Thessaloniki,Greece. She is a certified  nutritionist-dietitian. She specializes in Sports Nutrition.

Get her advice and pick her brain by visiting Gym Olympion where she works as a gym nutritionist for the past 3 years.

Chelf’s Note:

The views and opinions expressed in this interview are those of the interviewee.  This is a vegan friendly blog. However, all opinions are equal and respected, this Chelfdom is a place where freedom of expression is highly valued.


31 thoughts on “5 Questions with a Gym Nutritionist

  1. Great help..wasn’t knowing about boost gels.. looking forward to see some more nutritionist tips 🙂

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Boost gels are usually recommended to marathon runners. It’s a fast and easy way to get a boost.

  2. That´s a very interesting post! Especially the part about drinking and the proteine shakes!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Mel says:

    Very interesting post! Now I’m craving for some sandwich. 🙂

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Always in the mood for a good sandwich

  4. This is lovely. Fun, upbeat and great information. I need to be drinking more water for sure. I try to add lemon and mint to make it taste better.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Mint is a great addition! I’m going to try that today in the hopes of me managing to drink 500ml of water after training for 2,5 hours!

  5. Great post. I always love reading about health and fitness. It’s so interesting that we don’t need the same amount of water. Thanks for sharing

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Apparently we don’t! I don’t even feel bad anymore 😉

  6. This was a fun post to read. I’m always interested in healthy eating tips!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      She gave some great tips indeed!

  7. John K says:

    More and more interesting in every post for your blog… (Especially if your post is not exclusively for women ???)

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Thanks John!

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:


  8. This is so helpful! I know my eating habit are pretty awful, but I’m working on getting better. I always add lemon to my water and that helps with the taste.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      I struggle with my water intake as well

  9. Chemady says:

    This sound amazing. I love drinking water often. I even prefer more intake of water than food.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Lucky you!

  10. I have used boost bells before as someone with IBS when I am not absorbing much from food they can help me in the short term to keep going! I love drinking water too but it has to be really icy cold filtered water for me to drink it!

  11. Oh.. Great to know of the last sandwich which should be consumed & the water -honey mixture to drink! This was absolutely fab!

  12. Ola says:

    I value registered dietitians and think they are sorely underutilized. I’ll try to practice suggestion #2, to have a post workout snack no more than 20 minutes after a workout

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      I should try to be more mindful with that too

  13. I’m really focussing on diet and exercise this year so this was very helpful to read! I’ve always wondered about protein powders, etc. Now I know. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life.  xx

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      Good Luck Christie, I’m sure you’ll do great!

  14. I never would have thought what kind of sandwich I would want to save. Now you have me stumped. Ah well! I agree that there is not a set amount of water. Each person needs different amounts.

  15. OH, I have to try out the water recipe. That sounds very helpful to a recovering body after working out lol. Great answers you shared, thanks.

  16. Great advice, I think these are questions people normally have.

    • the_chelf@yahoo.gr says:

      very true!

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